Amazon Flooding More Than Usual

by Captain Bill

The upper Amazon River floods every year. The water level nearly always fluctuates 30 feet from the low to high water levels. It is not unusual for the fluctuation to be 40 feet. This seasonal cycle is certain to be over 40 feet. There was a record low water level in September, 2010, (click the link to see the chart). As of April 20, 2011, the water level is still rapidly rising. (see the chart below).

Chart showing the rapidly rising flood waters of the Amazon River.

The black line represents the Amazon water level in 2011 up to April 20th. The green line represents the average water level. The blue line shows the highest recorded water level, and the red line is the lowest water level ever recorded. If the black line intersects with the blue line in the next 10 days, we won’t be talking about lines. We are witnessing a powerful event in nature that has already caused human tragedy upstream and all of that water is inevitably coming downstream to Iquitos.

Bill Grimes reporting from Iquitos Peru. Stay tuned to the Captain’s Blog.

Check out the human tragedy in this story by clicking; Flood Victims In The Amazon.

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