English Philanthropist Founds Home for Iquitos Old Folk

by Captain Bill

English Philanthropist Founds Home for Iquitos Old Folk.

Guest post by Mike Collis

Peter Schneider opening the second phase of his home for the elderly in Iquitos Peru

Jungle lodge owner Peter Schneider was very proud to inaugurate the second phase of the old folks home on the Avenue Ejercito. On the death of his parents Ernst and Edith Schneider, his family decided to create a safe and comfortable environment for the poor elderly of Iquitos. The scheme is called Foundation MARKAWASI and opened on Thursday 14th January 2011.

The spacious property of the home for the elderly founded by the Schneider family

The spacious property has beautiful gardens where residents can sit and enjoy their final days. Built to accommodate more than 50 senior citizens who under normal circumstances would have to live out their final days struggling to survive.

The Foundation MARKAWASI founded by the Schneider's family

Local business woman, Aura Guzman said “Thanks to Peter, some of our elderly can now enjoy a better environment and way of life with the little time they may have left on this earth. All Elders deserve love and respect because they are a great treasure of wisdom to us all. As a Loretana I can sincerely  say: Thank You Very Much Peter ”

English Philanthropist Founds Home for Iquitos Old Folk.

Guest post by Mike Collis

Photos by Aura Guzman

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1 Alan Sinfield January 21, 2011 at 6:49 pm

I know most of the expat community in Iquitos, as I have been going back and forth between the USA (even though I am English) and Iquitos for over 15 years. Most of you know I have a fantastic wife, daughter and a house in Iquitos. I have never had the opportunity or pleasure of meeting Peter before, but I have heard many complimentary stories from many people about him. My opinion is that the opening an “Old folks home” (retirement community perhaps) is a wonderful unselfish act. Fantastic job Peter.

2 Cliff Tulpa March 14, 2017 at 1:30 pm

What a wonderful contribution to Iquitos and to help the elderly. Thank you Peter for your compassion and dedication to this cause.

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