Ayahuasca Diet In Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Ayahuasca diet in Iquitos.

A guest post by Anonymous

I have just returned from two important weeks of shamanic ceremonies at the Temple of the Way of Light that changed my life. I promised Mike Collis I would write an article about my experience. This will take some time because it is difficult to assimilate and express my impressions, but hopefully it will be done for the January 2011 edition of the Iquitos Times. In the meantime I have written this short article about the ayahuasca diet, I hope you find it helpful.

An ever increasing number of tourists are coming to Iquitos to experience a shamanic experience
of healing from the plants, either physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, or because they feel it will benefit them in some way or perhaps they just want to try it to see what will happen.

Most curanderos and shamanic retreats recommend going on an ayahuasca diet for a minimum of 24 hours, or better, for three days or more prior to the ceremony. The diet can help minimize the effect of the purging process, and can enhance the experience.

The usual diet eliminates or minimizes salt, pepper, hot pepper, sugar, fat, cooking oil, alcohol, pork, dairy products, and preferably no processed tobacco.

There are 3 or 4 restaurants in Iquitos which offer ayahuasca diet meals, but without a doubt the very best is the Dawn on the Amazon Café on the boulevard overlooking the river, on the corner of Nauta Street. Ayahuasca meals can be a bit bland but at the Dawn on the Amazon Café they have managed to prepare ayahuasca dishes that are within the dietary guidelines but are still very tasty.

My favorite ayahuasca diet dishes at the Dawn on the Amazon Café are;

The egg, lettuce, tomato sandwich with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

The chicken soup.

The vegetarian bean, rice, and sweet potato burrito.

The steamed fish fillet, with brown rice and a salad.

The vegetarian basil sauce on fettuccini pasta.

The juices and smoothies.

If you plan an Ayahuasca ceremony you will do yourself a favor with the potential of enhancing your experience by going on the diet first.

Ayahuasca diet in Iquitos.

Guest post by Anonymous

To see the complete Ayahuasca Menu at the Dawn on the Amazon Café click the link below;

New Ayahuasca Diet Menu At The Dawn on the Amazon Café;

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