Peru Independence Day, July 28th

by Captain Bill

Peru Independence Day, July 28th

July 28th of each year starts one of the biggest holidays of the year commemorating Peru’s independence from Spain followed on July 29th honoring the armed forces and it turns into a long weekend of celebration known as Fiestas Patrias Peruanas.

I’m hanging out with half a dozen of my ex-pat buddies on the corner of the boulevard and Nauta, at the Dawn on the Amazon Café. They are drinking beer. I just enjoyed a delicious lunch of cecina fajita, with a glass of white wine. We have our Peruvian Flags flying.

Some other interesting gringos are eating and drinking at the next tables. Amy is a linguist working on the Bora Indigenous dictionary, Dr. Dennis McKenna, an ethno-botanist, has a three year grant to catalog all of the species of medicinal plants at the Iquitos Herbarium. The conversation is interesting, there is no trouble, the neighborhood is quiet, I feel fine.

Two of our guests just arrived in Iquitos today for a four day cruise into Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve, day after tomorrow. They are staying at La Casa Fitzcarraldo. They are joining our day trip tomorrow to the Belen Market and the Butterfly Farm. Marmelita spent most of this morning at the market purchasing supplies for the cruise. Now she is going to visit her mom and family for a few hours.

We aren’t taking the day off to celebrate, but we are enjoying Independence Day in our own way.

Peru Independence Day July 28th

Bill Grimes

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