Honeymoon Over, Back To Iquitos, Back To Work

by Captain Bill

Honeymoon over, back to Iquitos, back to work.

Yes, we are back home in Iquitos. I feel good for the first time in 5 days. Maybe the only place that is safe for me to eat is the Dawn on the Amazon Café. The food here tastes so good to me. I already feel healthier. I’m absolutely sure triple rinsing the fruits and vegetables, particularly lettuce, in purified water protects against the Inca’s revenge. Part of what poisoned me on the road was a Caesar’s Salad.

We have plenty of problems that developed during our 10 day honeymoon. Time to start fixing them. Got to run. More later.

Honeymoon over, back to Iquitos, back to work.

Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon

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