Marmelita’s Big Paracas Adventure

by Captain Bill

Marmelita’s big Paracas adventure with the sand dune buggy


Marmelita is full of surprises. The last thing I would expect from her would be riding in a dune buggy and zooming down a huge sand dune on a fast board, but that’s what she did. It was a big adventure. Something she didn’t even know existed a day before we did it.









Marmelita’s big Paracas adventure with the sand dune buggy

Bill and Marmelita Grimes run Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, and would love to welcome you to Iquitos Peru.

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1 dawson July 7, 2010 at 5:19 am

Love it Love it Love it….. the FUN adventurers that you are !!!!!

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