Sacred Shamanic Healing, Part Three

by Captain Bill

Sacred Shamanic Healing, Part Three

A guest post by John Ed Ellerd

John Ed Ellerd, Sacred Shamanic Healing

John Ed Ellerd, Sacred Shamanic Healing

Before coming to Peru, I had full intentions of writing about my experiences after every ceremony, but that has fallen by the wayside of the process of purging energies. It seems strange not keeping up with each ceremony, but then there is the work to do. And then I realize the only work I need to do is just get out of the way and allow the spirits of the medicine do all the work of purging the energies and memories from my body and mind. The medicine itself seems to get into my blood and then flows through every cell in my body, not necessarily removing memories from my cells, but instead I’m gaining more insight concerning these memories and my perception changing instead of the memories. The intense yet subtle process can be missed altogether if I don’t spend quality time with myself allowing the spirits of ayahuasca to flow through me as they will. Ayahuasca isn’t a miracle drug but a process of purging and cleansing of energies and perceptions of how things were and how things actually are. The process becomes more of a changing of the guards from a controlling ego to an allowing spiritual experience. The allowing of the experience is paramount at this moment in time. Is this a moment in time or a moment of self since time is only an illusion at best. Time is a fickle concept, time running in circles, then standing still, and then in other moments moving in reverse so as to give an impression of being able to recalculate thoughts streaming from the ego. Now I find I am removing filters and misconceptions I have had from childhood. I am coming to the realization of having far more wisdom than given credit for especially from the adults around me who thought they know better having been living longer than I. After an intense purge truth comes flooding into my consciousness reminding me of all the correct thinking I enjoyed as a child. The medicine can be so intense and at the same moment so subtle, and then again as I feel I have had a non-performance, I experience a very low ebb of consciousness flowing with the precision of a molding my filters and perceptions, so that now I am being molded having the pure truth revealed to me for the very first time and then it comes to me, I am remembering. I am finally tapping into universal consciousness where every problem has a solution. After experiencing death I realize there is still life and my energy is returning and I am feeling and looking younger than ever before. I no longer hate the life I live nor do I despise the body in which I live this life. I love flowing from my innermost being, an in-exhaustive well spring up from within, something similar to rebirth. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life, new beginning, new concepts reconstructing my perceptions. I seem to be undergoing a complete reconstruction of body and mind, first tearing down and then comes the building up. So it is out with the negative dark energies and in with the positive light energies. Now no longer fearing to think for myself nor care what others think when I do. I have for too long been living by default, allowing others to force their opinions upon me to the extent of thinking these opinions are mine, being coerced to live my life according to those in authority pressing their belief systems into my brain thinking their truth should be followed by everyone like newly built robots fresh off the assembly line. This type of thinking has never worked and never will. We are not all on the same path nor do we come here to work out the same issues on our way to enlightenment. We have different pasts and come from different places. So now after one intense week to prepare me to begin receiving what I can actually use in this life, the process is beginning to ease up and level off to a more or less cruising speed as far as the opening up of chakras. When a person is purging, the chakras spin counter clockwise in the process of purging and then clockwise after the purging and clearing is completed. An amazing process is the Ayahuasca experience, becoming more mainstream in it’s purging and cleansing everyday, becoming better understood and accepted. The popularity is beginning to bring us out of the dark ages of the fear of voodoo and witchcraft into the trans formative properties with which the spirits of the ayahuasca bring about change in relationships and a new way of accepting ourselves not to mention the clarity and speed the mind and body work in the process of transformation.

Sacred Shamanic Healing, Part Three

Guest post by John Ed Ellerd

Hi, Captain Bill Grimes here. I’m president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises and this is my Captain’s Blog. I’m proud to present this series of guest posts by John Ed Ellerd about his experience with ayahuasca at the Infinite Light Sacred Shamanic Healing Community. Please read John’s first two posts, Sacred Shamanic Healing, and Sacred Shamanic Healing Part Two. I think they are well written, from a good heart and mind.

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1 leo jones June 14, 2010 at 12:16 pm

what a powerful testimony, john. even if i had not met you, your words would have been compelling. since we both shared some info about each other, it makes your article even more impressive. congrats on your self discovery.

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