How To Be Successfully Legally Married In Iquitos Peru In 20 Easy Steps

by Captain Bill

How to be successfully legally married in Iquitos Peru. Follow these 20 easy steps.

If you are a foreigner in Iquitos Peru, have fallen in love with a person from Iquitos, and are engaged to be married, this article will empower you. Learn the step by step process, starting at the beginning, in the order and place the action must be taken. This valuable information is not available anywhere else. My wife, Marmelita and I learned these steps the hard way, and present them here to save you trouble, time, anguish, and money.

I proposed to my wife in December of 2009, and we set a date to be married the end of February. Two months seemed like long enough to get all of the legal work out of the way. Two months would have been enough if I had known what I know now, or had read this article before I started. We were finally able to legally marry on May 17th. I can help you speed up the process and avoid some pitfalls. We got sidetracked opening a new business and working on our other businesses. You have to ride herd on the documents everyday. Don’t take for granted that the authorities are working for you. They will work for you if you call them or email them everyday and make their life miserable if they don’t.

Here is what you need if you were previously married;

  1. Your original marriage certificate, or a copy from the county courthouse where your last marriage took place.
  2. Your divorce decree, either the original or a copy with the official stamp from the County courthouse where the divorce was filed
  3. Your birth certificate. This was one of my pitfalls. The birth certificate must be a new copy, less than 3 months old, with the official stamp from the county courthouse where you were born.
  4. These 3 documents must be mailed to a Peruvian Consulate to be verified and to have an official stamp placed on them at the Consulate. You must include a size A-4 envelope with your return address, and a postal money order, a check to a bank in the country of the Consulate (made out to “Peruvian Consulate”) or as a last resort, cash if there is no other easily available option, in the amount of $30 per page to pay for the service and $30 return postage. Spend extra on postage to speed up delivery and so you can track the envelope. DHL is a good choice from Iquitos but costs around $73 for 3 days delivery. The postal service is not as reliable as DHL. Choose the Peruvian Consulate that is closest to where you lived. For me it was Chicago USA. The address of the Peruvian Consulate in Chicago is #180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago Illinois, 60601-7455. Phone # 312-782-1599. email conperchicago <>
  5. When the documents are mailed to you from the consulate, with the appropriate stamps, take them all to the office of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Peru on the first block of Pevas. They only notarize documents from 9:00am till 1:00pm. They will give you another document to take to the InterBank to pay a S/ 25 fee.
  6. After you pay the fee at Interbank, go back to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Peru with the receipt from the bank and they will stamp, sign, and record your documents.
  7. When you receive the documents back from the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, they must be translated by an officially licensed translator. As of this writing there is only one official translator in Iquitos. His name is Humberto Ruiz, phone# 965610003. Humberto is a nice, smart man, so it is not a coincidence that he is also a talented photographer that specializes in wedding photos as a side business.
  8. While you are waiting for the translation of your documents, go to the Colegio Medico building, Sargento Lores, 4th block, where you pick up a prenuptial Medical Certificate (Certificado Medico) form to take to any doctor or clinic to get a prenuptial physical.
  9. Go to a notary and tell them where your address is, ask for Certificado Domiciliario, your city hall can give you this document too. One of you must live in one of the districts of the Greater Iquitos area, Punchana, San Juan, Belen, Iquitos etc. Each district has a Registro Civil, like a city hall. The Registro Civil of the district of your address is where you will file your paperwork.
  10. While at the notary, have your document notarized proving you are single or divorced, the Certificado de Solteria
  11. You will need a copy of your DNI, passport or your Carne de Extranjeria notarized.
  12. You must have two adult witnesses, not relatives, and copies of their DNI
  13. Two recent, new color photos Carné size, for identification
  14. You will need a manila folder size A-4 and a fastener
  15. All of the document go to the Registro Civil of the City Hall of your address. They are only open from 7:00am till 3:00pm
  16. After the Registro Civil approves of your documents then you go to the local paper to publish an announcement of your upcoming marriage, an Edicto Matrimonial.
  17. When the Edicto Matrimonial is published, you cut it out the paper and add it to your file.
  18. Now go back to the Registro Civil and pay S/ 141.65 if you plan to be married in the Registro Civil during their office hours. If you want to get married in another location such as your home or simultaneously with a church wedding you pay S/ 282.10 plus S/40 for transportation = S/ 322.10
  19. Set your date and make the arrangements. You must have your two witness present at the wedding.
  20. A church wedding will require an officially stamped baptismal certificate from the church where you were baptised. A scanned copy will not be enough. This can take time so plan ahead now and get it done. If in doubt, Google search the church where you were baptized to learn the address, phone#, and email.

Instructions in Spanish;

Solicitud Matrimonial, te lo entregan en el Registro Civil

Partida de Nacimiento de los contrayentes (Original) y actualizados 03 meses, Y Partida de Matrimonio y/o Divorcio, estos dos documentos deben estar visados por el Consulado de Peru en Chicago, luego por el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores en Iquitos, y  traducir ambos Documentos a Español por un Traductor Oficial.

Certificado Medico- Pre Nupcial de C/U

02 fotos a colores Tamaño Carnet de  C/U

Constancia de Solteria de Cada Uno

Certificado Domiciliario de C/U (Notaria)

Publicacion de Edicto Matrimonial

Copia de D.N.I. de los Contrayentes

Acreditar dos (02) Testigos, mayores de edad (Que no sean familiares)

Copia de D.N.I. de los Testigos – C/U

Pago Por Derecho de Ceremonia—-Oficina—-S/. 141.65—-Domicilio—-S/. 282.10—-Movilidad—-S/. 40—-(S/. 322.10 total)

Manila A-4 Folder and Fastener

That wasn’t so hard. Was it? But be careful. Rules and regulations, office addresses and phone numbers are always subject to change, so double check everything to make sure this information is still valid before taking the steps outlined in this article. Check the requirements of sending and receiving documents and the amount and method of payment to the Peruvian Consulate because that is the most time consuming part of the transaction, a major potential pitfall that can be avoided by corresponding before sending the documents and payment to make sure you get it right the first time.

Our cost was a little over $700 for everything, including motocarro, and document copies…

This is how Marmelita and I did it. Your mileage may vary but I know this information will be valuable. I would be very interested if you would leave a comment about your experience arranging your marriage in Iquitos Peru. Perhaps you did it in 10 days. Share your knowledge with us to make the process easier for those following our footsteps.

How to be successfully legally married in Iquitos Peru. Follow these 20 easy steps.

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1 Ashleigh October 15, 2013 at 9:01 pm

Hi Bill! Thank you so much for this post… it helps out so much! I live in the States and my boyfriend lives in and is from Iquitos. Our ultimate goal is for him to come to the States eventually but we plan to marry first in Iquitos. I am going to be in Iquitos for 2 weeks (Dec 27-Jan 12). We are planning to have the church wedding in June of next year there. We want to go ahead and get the Visa paperwork started so we thought if we could go ahead and get the civil part in Iquitos completed that would be great! I know it’s kinda ambitious to get done in 2 weeks. Did you have to obtain the Certificado de Solteria in Peru or is that something I can obtain here in the US? And does the publishing in the newspaper have to occur before the civil union can be complete? Thank you for your time!!


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