Sacred Shamanic Healing

by Captain Bill

Sacred Shamanic Healing

A guest post by John Ed Ellerd

John Ed Ellard at the Infinit Light Sacred Shamanic Healing Ceremony

John Ed Ellerd at the Infinit Light Sacred Shamanic Healing Ceremony

I have flown from Ashland Va. to Jenerra Herrera, Peru a small villiage about 100Km South of Iquitos, Peru in hopes of regaining the innocence of my youth spiritually speaking. Flowing down the Amazon River my mind begins to fantasize about what it will be like going through ceremony with a Peruvian Shaman whom I’ve never met with people I don’t know in a place I’ve never been. How crazy is that, yet I feel drawn to do exactly what I have just stated. After all, I have in my past done even crazier things with far less preparation.

So now here I am the next day after Ceremony with many ego driven thoughts racing through my head with most of them being negative and fearful, not in the ordinary sense yet I can’t find words of definition. They are seemingly very abstract coming from places in my memory I have never been before. They seem to be coming from the deepest, darkest most negative and condemning part of my thinking processes of the ego. It takes over and tries to make you believe that it is you thinking you are useless with a sense of not belonging and worthless. It could be very convincing in the moment and most surely in the midst of Ceremony when you have an uncontrollable feeling of fear speeding through your mind and body with the exploding force of a freight train, but if you can reach within and tap into the Cosmic Being you truly are, you can pull yourself out of the darkness of negativity and deception into the light of love and acceptance of who you really are. As I was experiencing being drawn to places I could never navigate on my own, I can neither fully comprehend nor explain at this time. It becomes doubting and self loathing and convincing me I have no self worth. I began to to feel utter desperation and wondering why I thought I could ever accomplish such a challenge to know my true self when there was so much Shit in the way. Absolutely nothing like I expected, although I came with no expectations – or did I? Do I really and truthfully know what I think on a deeper level such as the one I had just experienced? I think not. And which beingness truly rules my life, the thinking processes on the surface or the ones deep within that control at the cellular level or is it the subconscious that is flourishing at the commanding level? I have come to realize we are deceived into believing we are in control, when in fact we are not. There seems to be something going on at a much deeper multidimensional level none but those who are truly awakened are aware of. And the others of us are just living our lives by default not being in control in the least. At each level I proceed through, I think I am taking control, but I am not. At best we can only allow the unfolding and surrender to All That Is And allow the flowing of the primal energetics to carry us where we should Be.

Hopefully by the end of my three month stay and some thirty Ceremonies under my belt, I will have a better understanding of the lay of the Ayahuasca induced multidimensional realm. Ayahuasca does not produce these multidimensional realms but instead opens these realms that already reside within each of us in order to teach us how to reclaim our most precious possession, our Whole-of-ness of Being.

For those of you who have considered or feel drawn to such an experience please feel free to mention you read this article on the Captain’s Blog, and click this link to the web site of Infinite Light, Sacred Shamanic Healing With Ayahuasca In The Amazon, in order to get more information on how you may have your own experience deep within the Peruvian jungles just off the Amazon River.

Sacred Shamanic Healing

A Guest post by John Ed Ellerd

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1 Raul Diego June 4, 2010 at 3:48 pm

Sacred Shamanic Healing..? Please check this vid. Peace.

2 Laura August 24, 2015 at 3:09 pm

I am very interested in doing ayahuasca again for about a week long retreat this fall. Please send me prices and details.
Thank you
Laura Ava

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