An Interesting Email About Missionary Work In Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

I receive hundreds of emails. I still try to answer them all personally. Sunday I tried to get caught up. It takes a lot of my time. Last Sunday around midnight I was exhausted from working all day, but decided to check one more email. I’m glad I did. Sometimes the email exchange becomes the foundation of a good friendship. I wonder if this is one of those. I’m blogging them here but without the names, or hotel, (to protect the innocent, if there are any :-)). I am going to publish one of their web site URL’s to help bring some awareness to their cause.

Here is part of our exchange;

I am a police chief in a small town in the Southern part of the  United States.
I have two friends whom are starting a mission to house some the women and children of iquitos. They have been doing this for several years and I am new to actually having a missionary friend. I have a simple request, but I don’t know how to accomplish it, I would like to send them fresh flowers to their room. I don’t know if it is possible. I would gladly pay, just don’t know how to go about it. If you have any suggestions or would be willing to help I would gladly look you up when I come later this year and buy your supper. If you can help they are at the ****Hotel, Iquitos room ***.

Thank you

I replied;

Hi Chief,
Nice to hear from you about a good cause. I’m possibly the busiest guy in Iquitos but I want to help you. Here is the deal; Have you discovered my Captain’s Blog yet? I have published over 250 articles about Iquitos, the great reserves, rivers and rainforest. There are articles about my favorite places and what we see and do in this charming port city surrounded by rivers and jungle. There are hotel and restaurant reviews, packing lists, advice about handling and changing money and lots more. I’m sure there is a lot of information you and your friends would find to be valuable.
I want you to read one of those articles right now;
Please pay particular attention to the last few paragraphs under the subtitle; How You Can Help Me Help You. If you agree to those terms, and maybe if you eat one meal at my restaurant, The Dawn on the Amazon Café, I will get your friends a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you agree, I trust you to look me up when you get here and honor your terms of agreement. Let me know as soon as possible.
Bill I will gladly join, and treat you at your own restaurant. I am on my blackberry but I will join asap. Also sounds like your the man to know in Iquitos.

Flowers to **** ,and ****
I am a pretty good photographer also.

Thanks Bill, Semper Phi

I replied,

Good Morning,

We will order the bouquet later today. Don’t worry about joining the Amazon Explorers Club now, or paying for the flowers. I will let you know the cost of flowers. It won’t be much. Wait till you arrive in Iquitos and we can settle up then.

I answered probably 25 or 30 emails Sunday, a dozen asking about my tours and cruises but your email was by far the one that interested me the most. With your permission I think it would make an interesting short blog article. I won’t mention any of your names, just the story. OK?

Semper Phi

His reply;

Roger that Bill, be glad for you to put it up, you are doing a service for two women trying to make difference, thanks! There mission info can be found at I plan to come and help build soon, and may retire there.

Hi ****,

I bought a bouquet of ginger, and heliconias. The price was S/ 35, or $12.50. I will have the receipt when you get here. One of my best guides, Richard, picked it up and delivered it to the **** Hotel, along with a note that I wrote explaining the flowers were from you, and that Bill and Richard delivered them through the Amazon Explorers Club. Your friends were not at the hotel when he delivered them. I didn’t see them but Richard told me the flowers were beautiful. We can only hope when your friends return to the hotel they will receive your bouquet. Let me know if we succeeded.



Thank you Bill, I have a friend here that is a travel agent, I will be having lunch with her next week and I will be discussing the area. For the great effort you have went to which is extremely kind, I plan to explain how we need to start planning trips from here. I hope that I can make this gesture profitable for you. Thanks again and I will be in contact shortly.

Hi ****,

Ohhh, it wasn’t such a great effort. I was happy to help, and if I have a new Amazon Explorers Club member, and we share a meal together, it sounds like the beginning of a new friendship. I couldn’t ask for more.

Semper Phi

The ladies got the flowers and really made there day! Thanks they may see you for supper one night. Thanks again!

So that is my good deed for the day. I feel fine.

This is an interesting email exchange about missionary work in Iquitos Peru.

Bill Grimes is president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, The Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club, The Peacock Bass Club, The Amazon Birders Club, manager of the Amazon Golf Course, and just opened the new Dawn on the Amazon Café. When he has time, ha, ha, he blogs.

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1 Corcky February 4, 2010 at 10:04 pm

Great story, Bill. And you’re right – your blog is full of good information for anyone planning a trip to Iquitos. I’ve been following it for months now, and it always gives me the feeling that I’m already there, strolling down the boulevard, or riding in a motocarro along the road to Llanchama. Right now I’m picturing myself sitting at the Dawn on the Amazon Café, enjoying my first taste of inchicapi soup. See you in a week!

2 Captain Bill February 4, 2010 at 10:37 pm

Hi Corcky, Thanks for the nice comment. You are inspiring me to try harder, and write more. It’s always good to get positive feedback. I hope to see you soon.


3 leo jones February 6, 2010 at 11:27 am

What a great anecdote, Bill. Kudos to both you and the police chief from Alabama.

4 Captain Bill February 6, 2010 at 11:45 am

Thanks for checking in with us from time to time Leo.

5 Linda Patterson February 17, 2010 at 1:12 am

Hi Bill,

Just read your blog and wanted to comment on how much we appreciated you and Richard for your kindness and generosity. The flowers were beautiful and we enjoyed them very much.

The meals that we had (one in house and one carry out) from your new rest. were outstanding. The first night, I had the steamed fish with the double baked potato…it was so good, then on saturday I had the grilled chicken sandwich with fries…also delicious. I know that you will do well with food like that. Please give our regards to the chef.

Thanks for the plug about the ministry, maybe people will check out the website and see what is going on there. We do need the help from all who are concerned with making a difference in the lives of these women and children.

We enjoyed our visit as well as our food. God Bless.

Linda Patterson
Resurrection Faith Ministries

6 Linda Patterson April 13, 2010 at 4:54 pm

Hi Bill,
We are heading your way in July. Will arrive in Iquitos July 8 and leave on July 18. We plan to join you one evening for dinner, hope all is well with you. See you soon.
Linda P.

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