Andy Metcalfe Interviews Bill Grimes About The Dawn on the Amazon Café

by Captain Bill

The Andy Metcalfe interview with Bill Grimes about the new Dawn on the Amazon Café

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Andy Metcalfe, founder of Holistic Local; Your Guide To Holistic Health, Green Living and Personal Growth. Below is part of the transcript from that interview.

Hi Bill, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.

Hi Andy, Thanks for giving me this chance to chat about the new Dawn on the Amazon Café

Bill,  you’re well known in Iquitos for running tours and cruises on the
Amazon. What made you decide to open a cafe?

Dawn on the Amazon is popular for serving delicious meals accompanied by a different fresh squeezed tropical juice each meal on our tours and cruises. Our Chef Judy is undoubtedly one of the best cooks in Iquitos and the upper Amazon. We have been testing, tweaking, and refining our recipes for the past 5 years . We received such positive feedback from our guests, that I realized we were developing an important part of our business. We are planning to publish The Dawn on the Amazon Cookbook as well as open The Dawn on the Amazon Café. They are pieces of the same puzzle. When we put all the pieces together, the whole will  make a better business.

Three other reasons for opening the Dawn on the Amazon Café are location, location, location. We are located on the quiet end of the boulevard, with a beautiful view over looking the river, near the restored pre-rubber boom era chapel.

What will Dawn on the Amazon Cafe offer that’s different?

I identified a niche that no one in Iquitos is serving. I love frosty cold tropical fruit smoothies. We have the largest selection of natural ingredients for tropical fruit smoothies in the world right here in Iquitos. Smoothies are our specialty. We serve a dozen different combinations of tropical fruit juices and all natural ingredients. Right now my favorites are the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, and the Orange Pineapple Vanilla Froth but we are still experimenting so I could have different favorites tomorrow, and so could you.

I hear that you’re washing your fruit and vegetables three times in pure water.
Can you explain the reasoning for that.

We’ve been triple washing and rinsing our fruits and vegetables in purified water on our tours, cruises, and day trips for the past 5 years. The triple rinse in pure water has proven to be an effective system for preventing the “Inca’s revenge”; or in other words, travelers diarrhea and upset stomachs.

My promise to your readers, (and mine) is The Dawn on the Amazon Café will use purified water every step of the way from the market to your table, including for coffee, soup, ice, smoothies, and triple rinsed fruits and vegetables so you can be safe and sure with any of the items on our menu.

How did you choose the foods on the menu?

The Dawn on the Amazon Café will only serve what I consider to be the best food of it’s type in Iquitos. We won’t serve ceviche because I believe Arapaima Gigas has the best ceviche. We won’t serve pizza because I don’t think we can do it better than Antica. We can’t serve roast goat and tacu-tacu because Huaralino is the best. I’m confident all of the dishes we do serve are the most delicious of their style in Iquitos or I would not have them on the menu.

What menu items are you most excited about?

Besides the smoothies, I am most excited by the Sweet Iquitos Fire Baked Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Mango Salsa and the gourmet Inchicapi Soup with corn bread. Other fantastic foods are our cheese and veggie stuffed omelets, homemade pancakes, Twice baked stuffed Andean potatoes, and the Chef’s Choice, Steamed Fresh Fish Fillet. For a taste of home comfort food, The Dawn on the Amazon Café serves the best cheeseburger and french fries in town.

It all starts with the smoothies. Please meet us at the Dawn on the Amazon Café and share a smoothie with a friend.

The Andy Metcalfe Interview with Bill Grimes about the new Dawn on the Amazon Café.

Bill Grimes is president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, and is getting The Dawn on the Amazon Café up and running, no later than February 1st.

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1 Archie Hill May 3, 2010 at 10:14 am

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