The Dawn on the Amazon Café and Menu

by Captain Bill

More excitement about the new Dawn on the Amazon Café and Menu

You know me. I am a highly focused, type A, leader, Leo personality. As long as all this drive and determination is channeled in a positive direction it is not considered a disorder.  I’m positively focused on opening a new restaurant, and  juice, smoothie bar, that also serves beer and wine called The Dawn on the Amazon Café. That’s about all I think of. It’s most of what I work on. Maybe you will get tired of hearing about it. Maybe you are not interested in my new project to begin with. That’s  why yesterday I bought the domain name for, and am starting a new web site and blog just about the Dawn on the Amazon Café. It will probably take over a week to get that web site up and running. I’ll let you know. In the mean time this is what you get here on the Captain’s blog, more Dawn on the Amazon Café news.

The tours and cruises business is good

First of all, business is good. Dawn on the Amazon I is in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve on a 7 day cruise with three nice young veterinarians. Dawncita is out on a day trip with two guests, complimentary bottle of champagne included, to the Butterfly Farm and the Bora Village, 7 guests are joining them for a half day trip at 1:00. We have several bookings in the next few months, and I am corresponding with several more potential guests. Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises doesn’t need a whole lot to step up to the next level. If I just had this Café opened and full of hungry, thirsty tourists I would be pretty proud of myself and my team. That’s for next week.

About the café, the menu, our preparation, the food, and my team

The awning for our sidewalk café

The awning frame installation was finished last night after dark, one week later than promised. The welders miscalculated a few things, and had to start over. They ended up making a very good installation, and Marmelita talked them down S/ 100 off the final price.

The awning material upholsterer is here now measuring the frame. He says he will finish three days from tomorrow. That would be Friday, January 29th. We will see. I have learned to doubt all estimates of time in Latin America. I’ll try to be patient. The material is an off white with blue trim that matches the building and our chairs. It will be attractive and practical for shade in the morning, rain protection when necessary, and make it obvious to tourists walking the boulevard that there is a café under the awning. I think we will wait until the awning is up before we open, unless that turns into two weeks. The extra few days will give us a chance to develop and improve our system.

Our simple system

Our system includes serving your meal within 30 minutes of when you place your order. This isn’t fast food. It’s home cooking from scratch. It takes longer but is fresher and better and our Chef Judy is a fabulous cook. Simple orders such as smoothies or soup, must be served within 15 minutes. I will be timing everything for the first couple of weeks, and we will make adjustments as we go. We will develop a simple system with my team of highly trained professionals, to make the work stream flow smoothly. I have the vision. I know how it should be. It will take a little time to implement and improve my system. Who am I kidding? Not you. We will always be tweaking our simple system to make it more efficient.

About the menu

Have you seen the menu? Click this link to The Dawn on the Amazon Café Menu. Note that everything on the menu is less than S/ 20 or $7.

Our signature dish, the Chef’s Choice steamed fresh fish fillet, with a salad, and your choice of the best rice ever, a twice baked stuffed Andean potato or a cup of soup, is only S/19.50 or $6.96.

The tropical fruit smoothies are addicting, so most of our combos include a smoothie with a discount. If you try one, you will want to come back for another. The baked chicken sandwich combo with your choice of smoothie is only S/ 18 or $6.43, the second highest price on the menu, but possibly the best return on investment. The fantastic sandwich by itself is only $4.82, and all of the choices of the large 16 oz. refreshing frosty smoothies are only $2.32.

Gourmet Inchicapi soup

Do you know about inchicapi soup? It’s the quintessential soup of Peruvian cuisine. There is no doubt in my mind that we serve the best Inchicapi Soup in Iquitos. Please give it a try and let me know if you agree.

Sacha Inchi Oil

Do you know about Sacha Inchi Oil? You will. The cold pressed Sacha Inchi oil is making big news for containing 45% Omega 3 fatty acid, 36% Omega 6, and 9% Omega 9. It grows here in the Amazon and it tastes great. We use it in our homemade dressing for all of our salads. Learn more from this article I wrote; Sacha Inchi Super Food, The Inca Nut.

I get to have the cake and eat it to

Once a week Marmelita enjoys making 2 or 3 Chocolate Pisco Cakes and a couple of Cinnamon Cream cakes. It’s one of her hobbies that she has turned into a thriving business. They sell out fast so if your lucky enough to get one you’ll be pretty happy. They are made with Peruvian ingredients, like pisco from Ica, and chocolate and cinnamon from the Amazon. We sell them for $1.25 a slice. The Cinnamon Cream cake goes great with our fresh brewed coffee. The Chocolate Pisco cake with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc tops a perfect meal. We pasteurize our own fresh whole milk with the cream floating on top. A cold glass of our milk fresh from the cow will make you want to eat two pieces of cake, at least it does me.

Doomed diet

I’m supposed to be on a diet, but I’m not doing so good. Opening a Café requires a lot of taste testing to get the recipe right. Those smoothies are addicting. I’m warning you now before it’s too late. I tested 4 new mixtures today. My favorite was the Orange, Pineapple Vanilla Froth. I like this new job.

No bush meat

One final thought; I made an ethical decision not to serve “bush meat” at the Dawn on the Amazon Café. My main business is providing tours and cruises to people wanting to see wildlife, not eat wildlife. You have to get two days away from Iquitos to see a large black caiman or a turtle, but you can still eat caiman nuggets in most of the popular tourist restaurants. If you want to eat “bush meat” go to those other places. Better yet, come to The Dawn on the Amazon Café and enjoy a good old fashioned cheese burger and french fries, or vegetarian steamed vegies on quinua and wash it down with a tropical smoothie. You’ll be glad you did.

More excitement about the new Dawn on the Amazon Café and menu.

Bill Grimes is feeling some pressure to make sure everything on the menu at The Dawn on the Amazon Café the best of it’s kind in Iquitos.

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1 Gart van Gennip January 26, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Hi Bill!

I just dropped by to check out your blog again and stumbled upon your latest endeavor. I just want to say congratulations, it looks like a great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures once you have any.

Also hats off to you for not any serving bush meat. There are plenty of wonderful regional dishes that do not include any endangered species, which I am sure your guests will enjoy just as much.

All my best to Marmelita, Matt and everybody else there. I miss Iquitos a lot and hope I can return soon.


2 Captain Bill January 26, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Hi Gart,

Thanks for keeping up on our activities and for posting such a well thought out intelligent comment. I hope things are going well for you. We miss you here in Iquitos. I’m sure we will see you back in Iquitos again as soon as it is practical for you to return. Best of luck.

Bill Grimes

3 leo jones January 27, 2010 at 10:34 am

I will personally confirm that the cakes cooked by Marmelita are delicious. I eat a slice just about every morning. Now if I can only talk her into making a banana pudding.

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