The Jungle Juice Café

by Captain Bill

The Jungle Juice Café

What do you think? Does the Jungle Juice Café sound like a better name than the Jungle Juice Bar? I like it better. What about you? It implies coffee, juice, beer, wine, and food, in an unpretentious establishment that has tables on the sidewalk. That’s us.

It will not be an international restaurant, but we will serve American omelets and a few other dishes. I will not be in competition with any restaurant. They will just be our good neighbors and peers.

We have developed great recipes from our Dawn on the Amazon cruises. Our Dawn on the Amazon Grandma Chef Judy will squeeze the juices and do the cooking when she is not out on the river.

We will only have around 8 items on the menu. If I don’t think it will be the best meal of it’s kind in Iquitos, I won’t have it. For instance, we make the best Inchacapi soup, and the best vegetarian corn and potato soup. I am going to advertise it as the best soup of any restaurant in Iquitos or your money back. I am sure a few people will claim their money back. They will have to tell where the soup is better so I can try it for myself, and learn how they do it. Of course customers will only get their money back once. After that if they come back they will eat the second best soup in Iquitos and no money back. I doubt that will happen often.

We will make the best omelet of any restaurant in Iquitos, or your money back, but we will not serve eggs scrambled, fried or over easy because it can not be argued to be the best. If a person wants scrambled they can chop up the omelet.

We will serve the best rice ever in Iqutios or your money back but it will not be a stir fry because I think Long Fung’s stir fry is better than ours.

We will serve steamed Dorado fish, because it will be the best.

We will serve a raw vegetable and cheese sandwich with a special sacha inche, lime juice, garlic, pepper, dressing. Since it will be the only raw vegetable and cheese sandwich in Iquitos, we shouldn’t have to ever refund for that choice.

We can’t serve the best ceviche because Arapaima Gigas has ceviche that can not be topped.

Can’t serve roast goat and tacu-tacu because Huaralino is the best.

Of course I realize “the best” is subjective, but it is my subjectivity as the boss and I determine what we serve and how we promote it. If it is a mistake, it is my mistake and I will live with it. We will refine the concept as we go, and develop “improved” recipes.

We will for sure have the best olives.

We will serve the best bread of all the restaurants, and the only fresh whole milk, but supplies of those two items are intermittent at best.

The other 5 or 6 dishes are yet to be determined, but they will have to be “the best”.

If we had a place for a charcoal grill it would be easy to have the best hamburgers but we don’t have that. I’m not sure about just a pan grilled hamburger. I doubt it could be the best.

By the way, I think we have the best coffee in Iquitos. Stop in to sip a cup and let us know what you think.

Part of the Jungle Juice will be guarana an energy boosting herb native to the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, Venezuela and Peru. Our drink is called Energyfx. It contains 7 roots, a traditional Peruvian tonic, maca, the herb known for it’s effects on energy and vitality, and guarana, “Guaranteed to get you going.”

We are thinking of having a colorful delicious fruit plate with half a dozen fruits most people have never seen, or tasted, rather than a fruit salad all chopped up and unidentifiable.

What do you think? Is any of this a good idea? Give me your suggestions in the comments below.

The Jungle Juice Café

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