My Life As An Expatriate Began 5 Years Ago Today

by Captain Bill

My life as an expat began 5 years ago today

Bill Grimes relaxing drinking ice cold coconut juice at the Amazon Golf Course

Bill Grimes relaxing drinking ice cold coconut juice at the Amazon Golf Course

My life as an expat began on January 7, 2005. I moved to Iquitos Peru from Indiana USA for the same reason people have migrated to new countries and continents since the beginning of time, seeking a better life. Like most of those people migrating since the beginning of time, it was a huge risk, some succeed, some failed, some broke even. After 5 full years, I can safely say my life is better than back on the farm in Indiana.

I first traveled to Iquitos Peru around 10 years ago seeking adventure and romance. I found an abundance of both during my 4 months stay here each year. I first met Marmelita, the woman I love, 8 years ago. We fell completely in love 7 years ago. My personal life has been wonderful ever since.

I wrote an article on January 7, 2008, titled, Hoosier Expatriate Living In Iquitos Peru, that explains a lot of the details of what had happened up until then.

Since then I have written blog articles about most of the changes. Now my Carné de Exranjeria, documents me as a Migratoria, Inmigrante, or Immigrant, a status above my previous category which was an Investment Residency. That means I do not have to maintain a business if I don’t want to, but since achieving Immigrant status, I have added a couple of new businesses, the Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club and Jungle Juice Bar. I also manage the Amazon Golf Course.

Marmelita and I work too much, but it is partially our hobby so most of the time it’s alright. I am enjoying the challenge of building something important here in Iquitos. It isn’t easy. Check out this link to What I Am Doing For You And What You Can Do For Me.

I am happy, in love, and life is good. The next time you are in Iquitos, lets drink the juice from a coconut at the Amazon Golf Course, or an icy camu-camu fruit juice at the Jungle Juice Bar. See you then.

Bill Grimes is the ex-pat president of Dawn on the Amazon.

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