The New Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club Jungle Juice Bar

by Captain Bill

In the new Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club Jungle Juice Bar we use pure water for our ice.

Today, Tuesday, January 5th, the Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club Jungle Juice Bar exists only in my imagination. Next week it could be real.

My promise to you is the Jungle Juice Bar will be the only place in Iquitos that rinses all fruits and vegetables, then soaks them in pure water, then a final rinse in pure water. All of the water for the juice, coffee, tea, and ice will be pure water. The same with the food. All soup will be made from pure water. There will be no impure water used for any food, ice, or drink; period; no exceptions. A triple rinse in pure water combined with first world hygiene, means that you can drink our juice, tea and coffee, and eat our soups and salads without fear of the “Inca’s Revenge.” It’s the same technique we have been using successfully on all of our tours and cruises for the last 6 years.

The Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club Jungle Juice Bar will serve fresh camu-camu juice, passion fruit juice, acaí juice, orange juice, lime juice, banana juice, carrot and beet juice, and smoothie mixtures.

We will also have a small menu of food items. We will only serve food that I believe will be the best of it’s kind in Iquitos. For instance, our soup will have a guarantee to be the best soup of any restaurant in Iquitos or your money back, no questions asked.

We will sell Rainforest Herbal Products. The products are numerous, including camu-camu powder, copaiba oil, noni extract, cat’s claw, maca, 7 roots herbal tonic, and many others. We will also have the fair trade Cocla coffee which may be the best coffee in Iquitos. We will definitely have the best olives in Iquitos, from a four hundred year old olive grove, organic trout from the Andes, and many other unique, for Iquitos, products.

We have our permits in order to have tables and chairs overlooking the river and boulevard, under an awning for shade and rain protection. We are on the quiet end of the boulevard next to the Dawn on the Amazon office and across the 1st block of Nauta Street from the historic chapel, two blocks from the Plaza de Armas.

The next time you are in Iquitos, stop by The Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club and see how we are getting along with our new Jungle Juice Bar.

The new Dawn on the Amazon Explorers Club Pure Water Jungle Juice Bar

Bill Grimes is drinking fresh squeezed orange juice in the office of Dawn on the Amazon.

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