Dawn on the Amazon Year End Report, 2009 Annus Horribilis

by Captain Bill

This is Dawn on the Amazon’s year end report for 2009, Annus Horribilis.

To paraphrase Queen Elizabeth II, 2009 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure. It has turned out to be an Annus Horribilis.

I am a positive forward thinking man, so it hurts me to have to share this with you, but I must tell the truth, 2009 was a terrible year. I went back in time to read the 2008 years end report. I closed out 2008 feeling so good about the future. It is sad what has happened since then. Who could have predicted that 2009 would be one of the three worst years of my life.

The year’s bad luck started with a bang on January 4th. The sun set on Dawn on the Amazon III when she ran onto a submerged log and sank. The salvage failed.

The end of February I became sick and my illness was misdiagnosed at the Ana Stahl Clinc as dengue fever. It turned out to be a rare, unnamed, poorly understood virus. I was bed ridden for a couple of weeks, and slept most of that time. I got better for a couple of weeks, then slept for a couple more weeks. I lost track of how many IV drip bags I received. My health deteriorated. In June I started swelling up, in July and August I got bigger and weaker, my liver and kidneys nearly shut down. I don’t remember much about September. It was bad. October was not good either. I had 7 or 8 doctors working on me. The February virus caused my fibrosis of the liver, complicated by fatty liver.

For three months I could hardly answered any emails. When I did try to answer them I was incoherent, and made stupid mistakes that cost Dawn on the Amazon business and money, and did not do my reputation as a reliable person any good. I hope you understand I was not myself.

The world wide recession hurt tourism in Iquitos, and adversely affected Dawn on the Amazon in direct proportion to the international tourist industry as a whole.

I am not here to whine or complain. I am only making an honest year end report, 2009 was a horrible year. My credibility is already firmly established, but this report should remove any doubts that I tell it like it is.

In case my enemies are reading this hoping to gloat, the good news is that the sun rose on Dawn on the Amazon III because I had her insured for the maximum. That money is in my bank account now.

I have another very nice boat with 4 cabins to take the place of Dawn III. I have Dawn on the Amazon I, Dawncita, and the Jungle Cabin, so the Dawn on the Amazon business remains the same. Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises is still the #1 choice for independent travelers in Iquitos Peru.

I have the best health insurance in Peru. That insurance came in handy while I was sick. My doctors have me on the proper medicine, vitamins, and diet. I am nearly back to full strength.

I am answering my emails, taking care of business, and blogging regularly.

Dawn on the Amazon’s business was very good in November and December.

The Amazon Explorers Club Lounge is coming along nicely.

We saved the Amazon Golf Course, planted over 1,000 blooming bushes and trees, and are building something special there.

My daughter Dawn and her husband Dan, brought my grandchildren to Iquitos to visit with me and we took a fun family cruise into Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve together.

My son Matt has come to Iquitos twice this year for a total of over 4 months, and he is still here living in our guest room. Matt is a great carver and artist, and his room is full of wood and tagua chips.

Having my family visit has helped to make this year better.

The very best part of 2009 is Marmelita loves me and I love her. We are engaged to be married in 2010.

I am happy again. The future looks bright. Stay tuned. My nature is to believe that 2010 will be the “annus mirabilis,” the year of  wonders.

This is the Dawn on the Amazon year end report for 2009, Annus Horribilis.

Bill Grimes is the president of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises, and tells it like it is.

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