Join Us, The Jungle Roast, Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos Peru, January 31st

by Captain Bill

Join us for The Jungle Roast at the Amazon Golf Course in Iquitos Peru on January 31st, the last Sunday in January.

You may be asking your self, “What’s a jungle roast?” Or maybe you are asking, “What the h**k is a jungle roast?” Or, “Wow, are they going to roast the whole jungle?” Or just, “Roast Jungle?” I don’t have all the answers, but remember this, “The Jungle Roast, Amazon Golf Course, last Sunday of January. Be there.”

What I know for now is, The Jungle Roast is the most exciting meal and potentially the most fun day of 2010. It all depends on you…

The Jungle Roast menu

The Jungle Roast is a meat eaters delight, featuring succulent majas, the best tasting meat in the jungle, with caiman tenderloins, flavorful venison, young peccary, and delicious duck, all roasted and smoked in an old fashioned wood fired oven.

If you don’t want meat, enjoy big slab fillets of fresh dorado, one of the best tasting fish from the Amazon River, cooked to perfection over red hot coals on the charcoal grill.

There will be an abundance of rich vegetarian fare, with freshly found wild mushrooms and yuca breaded with fariña and fried in palm oil, (the best way to cook yuca that I know), steamed rice, lentils, baked sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, platanos, fariña and lots of tropical jungle fruit for dessert.

All you can eat buffet

The meal will be buffet style, all you can eat, served at the Amazon Golf Course clubhouse, on January 31st, 2010. It only costs S/20 soles to make a reservation, which also includes free golf, volleyball, and soccer all day from early till late, a raffle, prizes, games, cards, and activities.


Reservations must be made in advance. Only 200 meals will be served, only 200 reservations made. Don’t wait until the last day to make your reservation. The Jungle Roast will sell out! Be there! Make your reservations today, at the Dawn on the Amazon office, #185 Malecon, Maldenado, on the boulevard, The Amazon Explorers Club Lounge, #101 Nauta, at the corner of Nauta and the Boulevard, Mad Mick’s Tranding Post, the middle of the first block of Putumayo, #163, up the stairs to Apt. #202, or at the Amazon Golf Course Clubhouse.

A fun day

This will be a fun day you should not miss. Plan ahead. Bring your family and friends.


Profits will go to help finance improvements to the Amazon Golf Course.

Join us for a fun day and The Jungle Roast at the Amazon Golf Course in Iquitos Peru on January 31st, the last Sunday in January.

Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon

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