Antica, Our Favorite Pizza and Pasta In Iquitos

by Captain Bill

Antica, Our Favorite Pizza and Pasta In Iquitos

Antica, pizza, pasta, salad, wine.

Antica, pizza, pasta, salad, wine.

With its wood fired ovens, exotic Remo Caspi tropical wood decor, imported stone floor, antique looking brick walls, heavy wooden tables and benches, quiet atmosphere, plenty of ceiling fans, and good service, Antica has a lot to offer. But the reason Marmelita and I eat at Antica at least 3 times per week is the delicious pizza, pasta, salads, and wine.

The menu is large, and can be confusing because it describes Italian food in Spanish. We have tried nearly everything on the menu. Just because I like something does not mean you will like it, but maybe I can help eliminate some confusion and help you make a good decision for your meal by explaining what I have learned by personal experience.


The meal I order the most, so I guess it must be my favorite, is the Tortelloni pasta, stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, with Pomodoro sauce, a simple tomato sauce with basil for S/20 soles, around $6.66.

If you are a meat lover the Tortellini is stuffed with meat, and maybe the bolognese sauce, which is a tomato sauce with meat, would be a better choice for you, for S/26 soles, around $8.66.

Marmelita enjoys the Lasagna with bolognese sauce, and so do I. S/28 soles or around $9.33. The sauce has a nice creamy texture. I wish they used more basil and garlic, but I always wish that.

I enjoy the the Funghi Porcini lasagna, an imported mushroom in a white creamy sauce for S/32 or around $10.66.

Marmelita’s 2nd favorite may be the Fettuccine with Arrabiatta sauce, which is a spicy hot tomato sauce for S/18 soles or around $6. Remember, spicy, hot…When I get the Fettuccine I usually get the Pomodoro sauce, but I also enjoy the pesto sauce, the Antica sauce, or the Bolognese sauce.


Margherita doc, a simple basil and parmesan pizza for S/24 soles, around $8.

Capissima, meat lovers pizza, prosciutto, sweet salami, spicy salami, coppa, garlic, mortadella. S/32 soles, around $10.66.

Fungi and prosciutto, S/30 soles or around $10.

Diavola, Fresh mushrooms, S/32 soles, around $10.66.


The Calzoni are huge, enough for two.

The Calzoni are huge, enough for two.

The Calzoni are huge.

The Antico for S/30 soles, around $10.

The Piacenza for S/30 soles around $10.

Pizza Pie

Schiacceatina is a thin pizza pie with a crust on the top and bottom.

We like the Mosaico, with parmesan, pimienta, spicy salami and basil, for S/20 soles, around $6.66


The Mista salad balances a special meal. It is a big salad for two or enough for four. S/14 soles, for around $3.60


A large cup of good wine is S/5 soles, around $1.66

We frequently order a half pitcher of sangria for S/15 soles, around $5. We ask not to mix in pisco or other alcohol.

Something I don’t like is the 4 and 5 cheese sauces. The cheeses are too aged and sharp for me.

Also I don’t like that they charge S/4 soles for extra basil; S/4 soles will buy more basil than you can carry at the Belen Market.

This map shows the location of Antica, for pizza and pasta.

This map shows the location of Antica, for pizza and pasta.

The address is Napo#159. To call for delivery dial ph# 241988

What about you? What do you like or dislike about Antica? Where is your favorite pizza or pasta in Iquitos? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. Thanks.

Antica, Our Favorite Pizza and Pasta In Iquitos

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