Dengue Fever, Ana Stahl Clinic

by Captain Bill

Dengue Fever, Ana Stahl Clinic

I was sick for two weeks. I had the chills. I had high fever. I slept so hard it was like being in a coma. Marmelita was on the phone calling an ambulance when I became conscious enough to stop her. I never needed an ambulance before and did not need one then. She loaded me up in a moto-carro and took me to the Ana Stahl Clinic. The young doctor diagnosed Dengue Fever. I told him, “I have had Dengue Fever, and this is not Dengue.” He insisted it was Dengue. I asked to see another doctor. Another young doctor diagnosed Dengue Fever. I went through my routine; “I have had Dengue. This is not Dengue” He insisted it was “Classico Dengue”. How the hell can it be classic Dengue if I don’t have a headache, no pain in my body, no broken bone sensation…I told him, “If it turns out to be Dengue, I will apologize, but if it is not Dengue you have to apologize!”

They treated me for Dengue Fever. I was weak, sleeping day and night, and awful sick. The blood test came back on the 7th day, negative, not Dengue. The doctor apologized, but only after I reminded him of our agreement.

The doctors at Ana Stahl Clinic play the odds. Most people come in with either malaria or dengue. Diagnose Dengue and be correct most of the time. What about the other 25%, including me? We leave pissed off.

A friend recommended Doctor Erwin Ampudia, and I am recommending him to you. Can you believe he still makes house calls?

I spent last weekend in my own bed, hooked up to an IV dripping three bags of electrolytes, medicine, and vitamins into me.

I am still not 100% my old self. I wonder how I would feel now if I had not wasted the first week treating Dengue Fever?

Dengue Fever, Ana Stahl Clinic

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