Seven Unusual Recommendations From Our Week in Lima Peru

by Captain Bill

Seven Unusual Recommendations from Our Week in Lima Peru

(1) The Pretty House Hostel;

Located at Av. Mariáegui #1711 Jesús Maria District.

Always before when I passed through Lima Peru, I stayed in Miraflores, but thanks to reading my friend, Andy the Hobo Traveler’s Blog, I learned he stays at the Pretty House Hostel. Knowing he is a smart guy, I decided to give his recommendation a try, and am pleased to pass this on to you.

The Pretty House Hostel is located in Jesús Maria, only 35 minutes by taxi from the airport, 20 minutes from the Immigration building, and 15 minutes from recommendation # 6, the Circuito Mágico del Agua.

The Pretty House is clean, and safe, for S/ 60 soles for a matrimonial room, includes breakfast, and WiFi, and Mar y Sol, the owner is very nice and helpful.

(2) El Buzo Cebicheria,

Located at Av. Caminos del Inca, #1503 Surco District.

The decor of El Buzo consists of dozens of enlarged photos of the owner catching and posing with large fish. I found the photos effectively established him as an authority on fresh fish. Ultimately the proof has to be on the plate, and it was.

I enjoyed the raw marinated tuna in yellow pepper sauce, with a large portion of seaweed and sweet potatos for S/ 26 soles. Mamelita loved the shrimp ceviche for S/ 33. I sampled her shrimp and thought they were among the freshest, most delicious I have ever tasted. The place was full of happy people eating beautiful food. Although we ate two meals at other restaurants that cost twice as much and one meal that was three times as much, this is the only restaurant I am recommending.

(3) Alex, Panaderia, Pasteleria, Alemana;

Located at Av. Caminos del Inca # 1506 Surco District.

A German bakery right across the street from the El Buzo Cebicheria with great breads. A regular customer recommended the apple pastries but they were not as good as grandma used to make. Grandma never made such good bread though.

(4) Wong’s Supermarkets;

Imported cheeses, good baguettes, fancy meats, fresh fish, milk, and vegetables.

(5) Jockey Plaza has an Apple iStore

I replaced my MacBook laptop.

This message is for the policy makers for the country of Peru. You should subsidize computer sales, not penalize them. A 40% custom duty is counter productive.  I bet most of the companies that are selling the pirated computers and software don’t even pay taxes. The fastest way to jump start the economy and move into the 21st century as a 1st world country, would be to eliminate all obstacles between the individual citizen and ownership of a personal computer. Don’t get left behind.

(6) Circuito Mágico del Agua, a park full of fantastic fountains;

At least 1,000 people paid the S/ 4 sole entrance fee and really seemed to be enjoying the light show on Friday night. I know we did, and I think you will to.

(7) South America Explorers Clubhouse;

Located at Calle Pirua #135 Miraflores.

We spent a couple of comfortable hours drinking coffee, looking at maps, books, periodicals, and visiting with the friendly staff.

(8)  Sun set over the Pacific Ocean;

I know, I promised you 7 unusual recommendations, and this 8th one probably doesn’t count as unusual, but here it is, a bonus recommendation for your pleasure when you are in Lima Peru. We liked our sunset, and hope you do to.

Seven Unusual Recommendations From Our Week in Lima Peru

Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon

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