American Amazon Music Company, Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

American Amazon Music Company, Iquitos Peru

Guitar Picks, Shipibo bags

Guitar Picks, Shipibo bags

A couple of months ago my neighbor from a few doors down the boulevard here in Iquitos, Bill Curtis, gave me a smooth shiny guitar pick made of some exotic tropical hardwood. I don’t play guitar, but sitting here at the computer, I have been rubbing that beautiful guitar pick nearly everyday. It  just feels good.

Bill is a musician, composer, producer, and a patron of the local artists. He is working with Emerson, one of the most talented artists in Iquitos. They are in the process of forming a company called American Amazon Music Company, to help the indigenous artists make a steady living for themselves and their families by marketing their art.

As Bill says; “All of their musical instruments, and art,  are made simply, from natural material and should last indefinitely. Such products include the Emerson/Curtis ergonomic all natural guitar picks made from the horns of the bull, koko seeds, tagua nuts, tropical hard wood scraps, or even the bones from last nights dinner.”

They will sell the guitar picks in batches of 20, mixed or separate, in beautiful bags made by the local Shipibo Indians. If you are a guitar player you will be interested in the poly-point or tri-point attack models with the artists signature graphics hand carved into the pick, such as the Sun, Bonzi Three, Anaconda Snake, Moon and Star, or Star models.

Other products include Bamboo Snake Skin mini-octobons, rhythm teeth from wild boar tusks, and rhythm clickers from bulls horns for hand percussion.

Guitar Picks, rhythm hand percussion intruments

Guitar Picks, rhythm hand percussion instruments

To purchase these products, contact at

American Amazon Music Company, Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon

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1 David Miller May 25, 2009 at 3:39 pm

Hey Bill good to see you alive and very well looks like. send me an email let me know whats up.

Your brother David

2 Rick April 19, 2010 at 6:35 am

AMAZINGLY Beautiful products, what price for the packs of guitar picks, are they available in larger quantities like 100 plus & will you post to Australia please.

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