Help Me Build My On-line Community Using Social Media

by Captain Bill

Help me Build My On-Line Community Using Social Media as Satellites Connecting With My Dawn on the Amazon Home Base

My brother Jim and I started our web site Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruiseslate in the year 2005. We were clueless, but we got it on line. Of course no one could find us. I read everything I could find about Search Engine Optimation. Then we started over, not quite as clueless, but not at the head of the class. We were pretty proud of the second version but it was only marginally better than the first. We studied more SEO, added more valuable content, and the third, fourth, fifth, and now the sixth version ranks pretty good for many of my key words. Now the Dawn on the Amazon web site is built around valuable information that many travelers wanting to book a tour or cruise in the Amazon seem to find appealing.

The trouble with all web sites is they are static. A web site is the same today as it was yesterday and it will be the same tomorrow. We add a new page now and then. The latest is a FAQ page. Sure there is a Contact Us page, that generates a lot of emails, but a web site is by definition….static. They do not encourage imagination or communication.

We needed a blog!

My brother Jim and I started the Dawn on the Amazon Captain’s Blog, in December of 2006. We weren’t exactly clueless but a blog is not the same as a web site. It is more like a pet. You have to feed it, and take care of it. I love my blog like other people love their pet. People subscribe to my RSS feed, they know when I make a new post, they leave comments, they email me about articles, other web sites link to me with out me even asking, articles get published in other news media, travelers find value, and a community forms around the blog. Communication is enhanced by the comment section under each post. Travelers, readers, and interested people come back to a blog over and over because it is always changing, always growing.

Flickr Photo Gallery

The Dawn on the Amazon web site and the Captains Blog work good together. They form the on-line base for my business. One of the next best things I did to help build my community  was when I joined flickr and uploaded two hundred of my best photos of the Amazon River, rainforest, and Iquitos Peru. I am still amazed at the response. One of those original photos has been clicked to enlarge it 2,892 times. Today I have 1,813 photos of the Amazon, Iquitos, and Dawn on the Amazon, on my Flickr Gallery. They are all about what we see and do on our cruises on the rivers, in the rainforest, and around Iquitos. They have been viewed 200,041 times. One photo has been clicked and enlarged 3,484 times. I know that is not much compared to many photographers, but I find it very gratifying that there is some passion for my photography, and that it increases my on-line community. Flickr is like a satellite communicating with my web site and Captain’s blog and sending traffic to them.

If you have experienced the pain of moving away from your family and life long friends you will know a little about how it is for me living here on the edge of civilization. The internet is great for reaching out all over the world to make new friends, to communicate, and to build a new community.


My most active community is on Facebook, where I have started two groups, The Amazon Explorers Club, and the Peacock Bass Club. If you are a member of Facebook, and interested in the Amazon, Peacock Bass Fishing, Iquitos Peru or any of my other activities, friend me, and we will be part of each others on line community. There is no telling what might come of that simple gesture of friendship. We might build a relationship, make other connections, provide value, have fun…

Linked In

At Linked in I am Bill Grimes, president and owner of Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises.


I am dawnontheamazon on friendfeed.


I am also on MySpace but do not have as much traction there and do not spend much time. Maybe you can help?


Check out my delicious bookmarks. I am also dawnontheamazon at Blink, Furl, Simpy, Stumble Upon and Spurl.


I am new to Twitter and Plurk micro-blogging, and still trying to decide if I like them or not. Maybe you can help? I am dawnontheamazon.

Flickr, Facebook, Linked In, friendfeed, MySpace, delicious, and twitter, are social media satellites pointing back to my home base at Dawn on the Amazon, opening channels of communication, connection, and community.

My brother Jim and I have also started some new web sites.

Amazon Golf Course and Blog

If you are interested in golf check out Amazon Golf Course and the Amazon Golf Course Blog

Peacock Bass Club, and Amazon Explorers Club

Two new sites that we are still working on will be up soon for the Peacock Bass Club and the Amazon Explorers Club.

I am passionately pursuing my hobbies and my profession. I am a member of the American Orchid Society, Bromeliad Society International, Heliconia Society International, Neotropical Bird Club, Peacock Bass Association, International Ecotourism Society, and the South American Explorers Club.

If we share some of the same interests, please subscribe to my RSS feed so you will not miss out on any of our Amazon adventures. Join my on-line community. Thank you.

Help Me Build My On-Line Community Using Social Media as Satellites Connecting With My Dawn on the Amazon Home Base

Best wishes for 2009,

Bill Grimes

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