Dawn on the Amazon Captain’s Blog; Most Popular Posts 2008

by Captain Bill

Dawn on the Amazon Captains Blog; Most Popular Posts of 2008

This was a good year for the Captain’s Blog. We are growing up. Learning as we grow. I am sure the main reason for our growth is the unique content. I read a lot of blogs, but the Captain’s Blog is the only blog publishing useful information about the upper Amazon River, rainforest, and Iquitos Peru.

I hope you will enjoy reading the 20 most popular posts of the 2008 Captains Blog. They are listed in order according to Google Analytic’s count of unique page views, but it is important to note that some of the posts are only a couple of months old and have already made the top 20 list, and will no doubt pass many of the posts that have been accumulating views since the first months of the year.

  1. The Great River Amazon Raft Race Blog; Wins on most views plus 385 comments
  2. Hotels of Iquitos Peru; Reviews, Rates, Recommendations;  I am asked for recommendations about hotels in Iquitos Peru nearly every day. This article should be a valuable resource for travelers to Iquitos. I’ve listed the benefits and the prices of the hotels.
  3. Our Amazon Tour to the Butterfly Farm, Iquitos Peru; I found something for you. I wish you and everyone that comes to Iquitos Peru could spend one day full of fun and future memories at the Amazon Animal Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm. The biggest benefit for you would be to see and feel, and smell a lot of what you came to the Amazon hoping to see, and feel and smell in the first place.
  4. Recipes of Peru; Delicious recipes from The Dawn on the Amazon Peruvian Cuisine Cook Book
  5. Beer Drinkers Guide to Iquitos Peru; A popular post among beer drinkers, with 47 comments, half of which insult all the other beer drinkers. Check it out and make a comment with your opinion of the best beer. Go ahead. Insult us!
  6. Pink Dolphins in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve; An account of one of our scientific expeditions deep inside Pacaya Samiria National Reserve with an acoustical researcher, his team, and a cabin full of gear to record the pattern of communication of Pink Dolphins. Amazing photos.
  7. Black Breakfast Spreads Battle It Out in Iquitos Café; Awww, the Ausies and the Brits are at it again. This time about the differences between the two gourmet tastes of Marmite versus Vegemite. Another opportunity for you to leave a comment with your opinion and expect a back lash of insults. Could be fun.
  8. Behind the Scenes of the Great River Amazon Raft Race; I don’t understand why this article became so controversial. The subtitle is “An Irreverant Account…” The third and fourth line are, “This article is a series of short sketches, some humorous, some sad, some stupid, National Inquirer style reporting with gossip, and rumor mixed with daydreams and mistakes. If you are not interested in one paragraph, skip to the next, it will be a completely different subject.” Know what? In the comments I was criticized for gossip and rumor, as if I did not know it was gossip and rumor. Please follow the instructions, if you don’t like it, skip to the next paragraph. Or better yet, go ahead, leave comment.
  9. An Amazon Cruise From Iquitos Peru to Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve; This cruise was a lot different. Of course all cruises are a lot different.
  10. Pink Dolphins; Pink Dolphins really do exist in the Amazon River and tributaries. They are marvelous mammals with a brain capacity 40% larger than ours, grow 8 feet long, weigh up to 400 pounds, and yes they are pink.
  11. Peacock Bass Fishing; I share some tips on tackle and techniques for Peacock Bass fishing that I learned the hard way over the course of the last decade. Reading this article may greatly improve your chances of catching the fiercest fighting fresh water fish.
  12. An Amazon Cruise from Iquitos Peru to a Festival at the Frontier; This story is for anyone interested in learning more about an Amazon Cruise from Iquitos Peru to the Triple Frontier. There is no such thing as a typical Amazon Cruise with Dawn on the Amazon. This one certainly isn’t, but you might get an idea of what it could be like to join us on your own Amazon Cruise.
  13. Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos Peru, Open under New Management; The Amazon Golf Course is your bird watchers paradise and wildlife sanctuary; a peaceful retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of Iquitos. The Amazon Golf Course creates an adventure story to tell your family and friends, that you were issued a machete to play golf, but thank God, did not have to use it. Or did you?
  14. Top Ten Things to Do in Iquitos Peru; Whether you are a history buff, a sightseer, or want to be immersed in the customs and culture of Iquitos, there is more to do here than you probably have planned for. I hope this list of the Top 10 Things to Do in Iquitos Peru, helps you prioritize your time, enhance your life, and make your stay in Iquitos pleasant and memorable.
  15. The Advantages of Bird Watching From Iquitos Peru, with Dawn on the Amazon; The big advantage of bird watching with Dawn on the Amazon is our mobility. We move our boats, from eco-system to eco-system.
  16. Peacock Bass Fishing Trip; Would you like to go on a Peacock Bass Fishing Trip? Don’t be Peacockless.
  17. Carving Tagua Nuts, the Vegetable Ivory; Some of the most interesting souvenirs to bring back from Iquitos Peru and the Amazon Rainforest are miniature sculptures carved from vegetable ivory. They have the look and feel of elephant ivory, but are a plentiful, renewable, rainforest resource.
  18. An Amazon Cruise to Determine the Longest River in the World; Which is the longest river in the world, the Nile or the Amazon? This is an earth shaking question for geologists, geographers, and hydrologists. The exploration of these two rivers is full of history, mystery, and legend.
  19. Monkey Island; Monkey Island is home to nine species of primates totaling over 40 individuals. One of them speaks English, two speak Spanish, and all of them are very expressive.
  20. Tourism Statistics for Iquitos Peru; Come to Iquitos Peru to get away from the crowd. Cusco has as many tourists in one week as Iquitos has in one year.

I published a list of my favorite 12 articles for 2008 at The Second Anniversary of the Captain’s Blog. Only four of those articles made this most popular list. Huh, shows what I know.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Let me know which ones. I want to learn from you.

Dawn on the Amazon Captain’s Blog; Most Popular Posts of 2008

Bill Grimes, Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises

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