If You Have Been Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil, Choose Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

Peacock Bass Fishing Brazil, Choose Iquitos Peru

Peacock Bass caught by Mark Parsons with Dawn on the Amazon

If you have already been Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil, you could love Iquitos Peru next time. How often do you need to see the Opera House in Manaus? For a different experience come to the intriguing, unexplored, upper Amazon and the largest, most isolated Indian village in the world, Iquitos Peru. You owe it to your self to explore the head waters of the Amazon River where the fish have never seen a lure.

First we outfit our expedition from the Belen Market, one of the most interesting third world markets I have ever been to. Marmelita carefully chose some fruit and vegetables. I bagged the salt, pepper, flour, cornmeal, fariña and palm oil. We will have fish to fry.

Everything was packed away, and we began our adventure in the Amazon River cruise boat Dawn on the Amazon, departing Iquitos Peru at first light. Fishing our way up stream was like going back in time to a way of life that disappeared in the civilized 100 years ago. We were sport fishing, the natives were survival fishing.

Over the course of thousands of years as the river meandered through the rainforest many of the oxbow bends were cut off by the yearly floods and the river changed course. Those horse shoe shaped lakes are called cochas. Peacock Bass live in the black tannic acid waters of the cochas.

We fished hard and had fun. I had one of my best ever fishing days. I only caught three Peacock Bass but fought several big toothy fazacos, or wolf fish. I caught five of the largest fazacos I ever caught on six consecutive casts. I was right in the middle of one of those rare feeding frenzies. At the end of the day I was exhausted.

Fishing was so good we decided to stay and fish the same cocha the next day. The water rose a foot overnight and we never got a single bite. That is fishing.

140 Peacock Bass

On this Amazon River cruise we caught 140 Peacock Bass. We lost count of the fazaco, big Black Piranha, Acarauasú, Pike Ciclids, and other exotic species, but I am sure we caught two or three times more exotics than we caught Peacock Bass.

The most productive Peacock Bass lures

The most productive Peacock Bass lures were spinner baits, and in-line spinners, with a slice of cut bait added to the hook. Excalibur’s Pop’n-Image was the third most productive lure. We used two colors of the Pop’n-Image. The blue color caught all the fish, the green color caught none.

Peacock Bass relate to cover

Peacock Bass relate to cover. Cast to submerged timber. Spinner baits are good to cast right into thick cover because they do not get hung up very often and they can be fished fast to find the Peacock Bass. The more your lure is in the water the better your chance of catching fish.


Use your hearing to locate where Peacock Bass are feeding. Listen for their distinctive splashing sound and cast there. Match the hatch is always good advise when choosing a lure to tempt feeding fish. The best place to catch a Peacock Bass is right where you caught the last one.


Watch for Peacock Bass when they follow your lure back to the boat without striking. You have found them. Work that area with three or four different type lures. Finding them is the hard part. Once you find them, slow down, make lots of casts, change lures until you find what works. Start out slow and quiet. If that doesn’t work, switch to a chugger or popper, propeller bait or a floating minnow with a rattle.

The native fishermen slap the water with their pole or paddle before giving up on a place. That is hundreds of years of experience passed down from generation to generation. That is good enough for me.

Peacock Bass are delicious

I have caught fish on six continents and the seven seas. Inch for inch and pound for pound Peacock Bass are the hardest fighting fresh water fish I have ever encountered. If that isn’t enough, they are beautiful and have firm white meat that is great to eat. I am sure you would agree with me, when they are coated in my secret breading and Marmelita fries them in hot palm oil they are delicious.

Email me for my secret Peacock Bass recipe

If you have been on a Peacock Bass fishing trip to Brazil, click the comment link below and tell us about your experience there.

Peacock Bass Fishing Brazil, Choose Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes, fishing guide for Dawn on the Amazon

Contact us to arrange your Peacock Bass fishing trip from Iquitos Peru into the intriguing upper Amazon.

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If You Have Been Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil, Choose Iquitos Peru

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1 Gary August 23, 2008 at 12:46 pm

Wow!!!!, awesome buddy, I´d love it , such an extreme adventure you spent in the intriguing upper Amazon, Ihardly believe you will also enjoy the next trip in the jungle, apart from the all of the funny time you can share your friend inthe river boat. don´t lose this adventure and experince the peacock bass fishing choosing Iquitos Peru trip innthe through Amazon river with a great scort like a bilingual turist guide, come on !! become a hard fighter fisherman and above all get a best history to tell yours.

2 Marlene December 17, 2008 at 6:57 pm

We are in lima now and would like to plan a quick trip to iquitos for some peacock fishing . . . any suggestions on fish guides and hotels . . .all help would be greatly appreciated!

3 Wes January 3, 2009 at 2:45 pm

Man, I need to get down there and try catchin me some of those.

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