Six Simple Steps For You to Catch More Peacock Bass

by Captain Bill

Catch More Peacock Bass

Sneaking up on Peacock Bass I am going to skip the superlatives about my favorite fish, the Peacock Bass and go straight to how to catch more of them. This is my simple six step system to help you succeed on your Peacock Bass fishing trip. If you use my system to catch more Peacock Bass, please just take a quick photo and release most of them to grow, reproduce, and to catch again. You will fight more fish if you start by sneaking up on them, particularly in the morning. Peacock Bass remain inactive at night and wake up hungry. Use that to your advantage. Have two rod and reels ready with a quiet top water lure tied directly to the line on one, and a quiet sub-surface lure tied on the other. If you have any questions about which lures to use, please read this article about Choosing Peacock Bass Lures That Catch More Fish


  1. Sneak up on them. Paddle quietly into the entrance to the lake from the river. Do not use the motor. Don’t bang the boat.
  2. Fan cast the inlet to the lake with the quiet top water lure. Paddle and fish your way carefully into the lake. If there is ever a time to cast short, this is it. Keep your adrenalin under control. You will not sneak up on them casting your lure up into a tree. Don’t be like me, ha, ja, ji… Work your quiet top water magic over any logs or cover near the lake entrance for around 30 minuets. If you do not attract any attention, move to step 3.
  3. Switch to your other pole and sneak up on them with your quiet sub-surface lure. Fish on into the lake following the bank on the shady side first and cast near any cover or structure. Cast carefully for another 30 minutes and if you have not caught a fish or felt a strong hit, give step 4 a try.
  4. Change the sub-surface lure for a noise maker top water lure. Keep working around the lake. Peacock Bass are territorial, and a noisy intruder can stimulate strikes. If they attack, but do not take your lure, follow up in the same area with your quiet top water lure that should still be tied to your other pole. If you are catching fish and getting hits stick with step 4 until it stops working. If you are not catching fish or getting good hits after 30 minuets, switch to step 5.
  5. Replace the noisy top water lure with a noisy sub-surface lure. Continue casting the noisy sub-surface lure on around the lake. If you are getting strikes, but not catching fish, follow up by casting the quiet sub-surface lure into the same area. Fish this system for 30 minutes. If you are catching fish, keep up the good work. If you have fished this lake for two hours and have not caught much, it is time to move to another lake, but be sure to try step number 6 on the way out.
  6. Switch to two different lures suitable for trolling. Use the motor to troll over the deepest part of the lake, and through the inlet into the river.

If you caught Peacock Bass, I know that is a great feeling. If you ended up peacockless, you tried hard, you did your best. There are dozens of lakes near by. Move on to the next lake and try the six simple steps again. You will catch more Peacock Bass. What have you learned about Peacock Bass fishing? Have you used some of the above approaches or have you found other techniques that work for you? Share your experiences and ideas with us in the comment section below.

Catch More Peacock Bass

Bill Grimes, fisherman. Contact us to book a fishing trip with Dawn on the Amazon. This article is how I see it. Maybe you see it differently. Let us know your opinion in the comments below. This is the fifth of a seven part series of articles about Peacock Bass fishing.  Click the links below to read the rest. I hope you find them to be informative. Peacock Bass Fishing Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Choosing Peacock Bass Lures That Catch More Fish If You Have Been Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil, Choose Iquitos Peru Another Day Peacock Bass Fishing the Amazon River Catching Peacock Bass the Hard Way

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i will be joining you in late jan. can’t wait.


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