Choosing Peacock Bass Lures That Catch More Fish

by Captain Bill

Peacock Bass Lures

Peacock Bass lures

If you’re like me, choosing the best lures to out smart fish is part of the fun. The trouble begins when the fish out smart us. Let me share what I have learned about choosing Peacock Bass lures. I can save you money and help you catch more fish.

Over a decade ago I began planning my first peacock bass fishing trip. I did the same thing you are probably doing. I bought all the books, read all the articles, and searched the Internet for information. Then I wasted a lot of money on lures that never caught a fish.

If you spend your time targeting 20-pound Large-mouth Bass, you might as well stop reading this article right now. The only trophy I have is an eight-inch double propeller customized Lure Jensen Woodchopper that I keep mounted over my fireplace.

If you are like me and still get a kick out of fighting a few five pounders, this article is for you. Let me share the secret that no one else will tell you. All but three of the peacock bass lures that catch more fish are already in your tackle box.

Quiet top water Peacock Bass lures, without a rattle

  • Stick baits
  • Zara Spooks, for “walking the dog”
  • Floating minnows
  • Jointed floating minnows

Quiet sub-surface Peacock Bass lures, without a rattle

  • Buck-tailed jigs
  • Small to medium in-line spinners, with a swivel
  • Spoons

Noisy top water Peacock Bass lures

  • Poppers and chuggers
  • Stick baits with rattle
  • Zara Spook with rattle
  • Floating minnows with rattle
  • Jerk ‘n Sam, small size, 4 inch maximum
  • Amazon Ripper, small size, 4 inch
  • Ozark Peacock Bass Lure, small size, 4 inch

Noisemaker sub-surface lures

  • Count down minnow with rattle
  • Shallow diving minnow with rattle
  • Suspending minnows with rattle
  • Spinner baits

To fight more fish, don’t use a steel leader. I prefer to retie often. The Palomar Knot is fast, fool proof, strong and works with all type of line. The Rapala Knot is complicated, but allows the lure to move with a more natural motion. The only lure I use a snap swivel on is the in-line spinner bait to prevent line twist.

Don’t change the split ring, or the hooks for stronger ones. It will ruin the balance and action of the lure and you will hook less fish.

“But won’t the fiercest fighting fresh water fish destroy my lures?”

Yes. How exciting. That is what you want. Bring plenty of lures.

“But won’t the Peacock Bass bomb explode, straighten my hook and get away?”

To boat more fish your drag should be tight, but not locked down as tight as possible. Never try to “horse” a peacock bass back to the boat right away. They are too powerful. If the fish is ripping line and headed for cover, turn it by sweeping your rod tip sideways to steer the fish away from trouble.

Play the peacock, it is more fun that way. Swim the fish around until it’s tired. Enjoy that special moment when it’s just you and the Peacock Bass hooked up together and nothing else matters.

Peacock Bass Lures

Bill Grimes, Peacock Bass fishing guide for Dawn on the Amazon

PS; I know you have a favorite lure for Peacock Bass fishing that is not on my list. I hope you will share your opinion in the comments below. Thanks.

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1 Gary August 21, 2008 at 10:57 am

thank you so much for this articule, it was a great idea because many foreigner and fishermen can not catch anything in the river and this will be very usefull for them, come on!!!!!, take it out!! and join to the adventure coz the jungle´s about , carefull….

2 john gore April 26, 2015 at 2:58 pm

Good stuff here. Quite a lot of it was news to me and I’ve been 8 times.
I make my own lures and tie my jigs just for the added pleasure of catching nice fish on something that came out of my head.

3 Paul Miller July 26, 2016 at 3:19 pm

Best all around lure to use for Peacock Bass is a jerk bait. I like to use a shad color, usually blk/wht/slvr. Chart. & chrome/Blu work good too. With the hard slashing and pausing, it really gets these fish to react and with those 3 trebles, watch out Mr. Peacock. My preference is a Rapala Shadow Rap(slow sinking) or the Rapala X-Rap Slashbait. Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area has been really productive this year. Awesome fishing…Always Catch & Release!

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