Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

by Captain Bill

Peacock Bass Fishing Trip, Iquitos Peru

Scott and Marmelita, Dawn on the Amazon, a Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

This could have been your Peacock Bass Fishing Trip to Iquitos Peru, but it was the Peterson family that contacted me over a year ago. We worked out the details in 30 emails, everything was well organized, and they made the best of it. Don’t wait until it is too late, email me today to arrange your Peacock Bass fishing trip.

Durk, Hunter, and Scott are brothers. Toni is Durk’s wife, and their two sons are Tad, and Drew. Everyone caught Peacock Bass except for Scott, who fished well and caught other fish but at the end Scott was Peacockless. Toni, who the family nicknamed The Amazon Queen, did not fish. We all had fun, the fishermen caught fish, and I hope when you finish reading this article you will be planning your Peacock Bass fishing trip with Dawn on the Amazon.

My secret fishing holes

Hunter was the most serious fisherman

We cruised in Dawn on the Amazon III to a secret river and to 6 secret lakes in 6 days. I would like to tell you the name of the river and lakes but then it would not be a secret, would it? We did not see one gringo the entire time and all but one of the lakes were nearly deserted.

Fishing for Peacock Bass

The first day we cruised away from Iquitos and from the fishing pressure. The second day we agreed to keep what we caught to eat. The end result was we fed 14 people delicious fresh fish for dinner and had some left over. The rest of our catch we released, except for one Peacock Bass Hunter caught the morning of our last day, that I brought back to Iquitos for my friend Mike Collis, editor of the Iquitos Times.

Hunter was the most serious fisherman of the family. Unfortunately he had broken his fishing hand in an accident one month before they left and could not grip the rod and reel firmly, or set the hook with authority. He had several other large fish hooked up and fighting but could not land them, including five in one day and one that straightened the hook. His lure of choice was a medium sized, double bladed spinner bait, with a chartreuse skirt. Peacock bass are fierce fighters, and the biggest one that Hunter got to the boat he thought would either break his pole or break his hand again. That Peacock Bass was probably only 4 or 5 pounds, but what a fighter.

Hunter on Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

Sport fishing

Durk claimed the title of champion fisherman because he caught the most number of fish. Hunter called him the Champion of Zorros, a toothy slimy fish of the gar family, but he also caught three Peacock Bass.

Durk on Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

The group caught 6 species, including 11 peacock bass, 10 of which were very respectable. The most impressive fish to me was a 5 or 6 pound giant black piranha.

Black Piranha caught on Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

We did not fish long hours, maybe two hours in the morning and two hours late afternoons. The water level was unstable, rising as we went upstream and falling as we came downstream and the fish were not biting decisively, but we caught enough fish to be happy, and the cruise went well.

Nature observations

Common Squirrel Monkey

A large troop of squirrel monkeys entertained us with their acrobatic leaps from tree to tree.

Toni and Bill on nature observation canoe trip

Toni and I paddled out on nature observation canoe trips. Our best sightings were a Blue-crowned Trogon posing for us and four irridecent Blue Morpho butterflies flitting around. We watched moths pollinating blossoms that had showy red stamens on a tree and saw a few new blooming bromeliads. We saw many orchid plants, but none were blooming.

Bird watching, Blue-crowned Tragon

Bird watching

The bird that interested me the most was a huge Black-chested Buzzard Eagle, only my third sighting. Other birds of interest were three Many-banded Aracaris, two Crimson-crested Woodpeckers, a Plum Throated Cotinga, and a couple of Red-capped Cardinals.

On a night excursion one of my guides caught a Common Paureque, a type of insect eating night jar, with his bare hands, and then released it. Several fish jumped into the boat.

Our cuisine is part of your adventure

Suri Grubs appetizers

The food was excellent and adventurous as usual. I wanted to use the Suri Grubs for bait, but Durk insisted on eating them. Of course our guests come first so I sacrificed my bait in order to get a good story. Judy stuffed them with cheese and bacon, cooked them in a nice wine sauce, and served them on a bed of spiraling cucumbers with a garnish of radishes. We enjoyed a Champaign toast, and then the Suri Grubs for an appetizer.

Drew enjoys the suri grubs

Most everyone agreed they were better than they expected. Toni passed on her share, Hunter informed us he does not eat grubs, but Scott was happy to take up the slack. Tad and Drew were very good sports. Durk is a big fan of grubs. Don’t forget, I wanted to use them for Peacock Bass fishing bait.

Remembering our Peacock Bass fishing trip

Tad studing Spanish on his Peacock Bass fishing trip.

I think this Peacock Bass Fishing Trip will be remembered favorably by the Peterson family. I hope they come onto the Captains Blog and leave comments telling their versions of what happened. Durk may not remember the Suri Grub incident quite like I described it but everything else is an accurate description of a fun Peacock Bass Fishing Trip with a nice family on Dawn on the Amazon.

Don’t be peacockless

Would you like to go on a Peacock Bass Fishing Trip? My crew and I are passionate about peacock bass fishing. Email me today at to arrange your Peacock Bass fishing trip. Bring your friends and family. Don’t be Peacockless!

Peacock Bass Fishing Trip, Iquitos Peru

Bill Grimes, Peacock Bass fishing guide, don’t be peacockless, email me.

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1 Gary August 8, 2008 at 2:51 pm

Such a wonderful adventure they lived, didn´t they????, well, don´t you wanna live it too??, I do, come on join us cuz you won´t regret it but will enjoy all of the marvelous animals, birds o peacock bass living around the reserve on Dawn on the Amazon tours and cruises which takes you to an awesome and peaseful place very deep in rainforest from where you wll be back with a new adventure to tell. come on, join us for the next trip to peacock bass fishing trip.

2 Josh August 11, 2008 at 6:45 pm

Amazing…I would love to take one of these trips one day. I wonder, what kind of bait did you use to catch the black piranha? are they eddible?

3 Boat Slips June 4, 2009 at 5:21 pm

It looks like peacock bass would be just aas fun as fishing for largemouth here in the USA. I enjoyed the photos – especially the one of the big piranha.

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