Hello My Friends, from Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

Hello my friends, I am back in Iquitos Peru. It has been too long since I posted here. No excuse is adequate, but you should know I do my best work when I can concentrate on one or two projects. There have been too many projects. I have been practicing triage. The Captains Blog and personal correspondence suffered. Now I hope to revive the Captains Blog and communicate with my friends by reporting some of what my crew and I have been working on.

We are creating a better Amazon adventure river boat out of Dawn on the Amazon I. Now it is longer and wider and will sleep 6 comfortably and eight if everyone is friendly. Before it slept 4 guests comfortably, 6 if everyone was friendly. When Dawn I was outfitted for an overnight Amazon expedition there was too much weight in the stern causing a drag at the back of the boat and thus a loss of efficiency. We have rebuilt it with a one hundred gallon aluminum fuel tank built into the bow, under the observation/sun deck at the front of the boat. This improvement will distribute the weight much more efficiently, and is a better use of space. The extra width at the stern not only increases stability, but means those of us that are getting larger will have easier access to the private bath room at the back. This new version of Dawn on the Amazon I will be the best, most attractive, and safest Amazon adventure river boat operating out of Iquitos Peru.

I am working on another writing project which I will tell you more about when I have more to show for it, hopefully soon. Combined with the writing will be a new web site about a new subject. You will be the first to know if you subscribe to the Dawn on the Amazon Captains Blog RSS feed by clicking the orange rectangle (like this, RSS Feed ), near the top of the column to the right of this article. It is free. When you click the orange RSS FEED another page will open. At the top of that page you will have choices of which reader to use. I use Google Reader. Click Google, they will prompt you to open an account to use the free reader. It will take 5-10 minutes, and it will be time well spent.

Have you clicked on the About Dawn on the Amazon link right below the orange rectangles in the column to the right? There you will see new information about Dawn on the Amazon, and Bill Grimes. Below the About Dawn on the Amazon, is a link to Contact Bill. Send me an email. Tell me about yourself and what subjects you would like to see more of on the Captains Blog. It won’t cost a penny and you never know what good might come from that simple communication. If you need help setting up an RSS FEED account just ask and I will talk you through it by email.

My son Mateo has been visiting me for the last 6 weeks. This is his second visit to Iquitos Peru. He likes it. We are just getting caught up from back to back cruises to Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve and Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. I am already working on posts about those successful Amazon cruises for the very near future, so please check back here in a day or two. (Or, the RSS FEED will alert you.)

My friends Dave and Wilma Volkmann have been visiting Iquitos Peru for a couple of weeks and it has been a pleasure spending time getting caught up on their lives. Dave is one of the original investors in the Amazon Golf Club. Dave went to the golf course and says it looks much better than when he was here a year ago.

Marmelita and I have been working too much. Yesterday we took the afternoon off and went to La Casa Fitzcarraldo to swim and relax. We are feeling rejuvenated. If you live in, or are visiting Iquitos Peru, La Casa Fitzcarraldo, makes a lovely place to spend a quiet afternoon in a jungle garden setting, swinging in a hammock, reading a book, swimming in the pool, drinking a cold beer, or enjoying interesting conversation with the owner Walter Saxer. Walter was the Executive Producer of the most important movie made in and around Iquitos Peru, Warner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo. Marmelita and I lived at La Casa Fitzcarraldo for several months so I know that story well and will tell it here on the Captains Blog in the near future.

That is just a little of what I have been doing, besides running a business full time. It feels good to be back in Iquitos Peru. Thanks for dropping by.

Bill Grimes, You Could Love Iquitos PeruWelcome to Iquitos Peruwww.dawnontheamazon.com

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