You Could Love Iquitos Peru

by Captain Bill

You Could Love Iquitos Peru

Iquitos, Peru, is surrounded by grand rivers and lush rainforest. This charming city has been my home port for adventure cruises on the magnificent Amazon River for three years. Please allow me to share my love for this frontier town with you.

Your first impression is the warm, oxygen rich, moist air. It feels good and is easy to breathe. Your second impression is there are thousands of motorcycles and three wheel rickshaws called moto-kars whizzing around. Be careful. The biggest adventure most travelers experience in Iquitos is racing through the streets perched on the edge of their seat in a moto-kar weaving in and out of traffic.

The rules of the road are different from what you are used to, so a bad wreck seems inevitable. Be sure to keep your arms, legs, and baggage inside the steel frame. When the Moto-kar arrives, make sure you get out on the sidewalk side, never the street side. Pedestrians have no right of way in Iquitos, Peru.

Iquitos has no roads connecting to other cities making it the largest, most isolated city on any continent. Cars are status symbols. I do not have one. Boats are important. I have four river boats. I walk or take a moto-kar, and I spend a lot of time in my boats.

I want to attempt to correct a mistake perpetuated by the travel industry, and the guide books, and found on the internet. Their combined wisdom is that the best time for the traveler to come to Iquitos, Peru, is during the “dry season” from June through November.

There are two seasons, but they are not dry and wet. What is called the “dry season” should actually be called the low water season when the water level can be 40 feet lower than the high water season. High water levels are from December through May.

The rise and fall of the water has little or nothing to do with rainfall on Iquitos. It is the snow melt and rainfall on the east slope of the Andes that causes our rivers to rise. In my opinion the only activities that are better in the low water season are fishing, collecting ornamental fish, and walking on the beach. Everything else is better in the high water season.

The most important historical event in Iquitos, Peru, was the rubber boom, which caused an explosion in population and prosperity from 1880 through 1912. The legacy from the rubber era can still be seen in the architecture of the city and the elegant mansions, as well as the Iron House and bandstand designed by Eiffel.

Rubber Boom era, Palace Hotel, Iquitos Peru

Most of the mansions are decorated with exquisitely painted ceramic tiles imported from Portugal, and with mahogany elaborately carved by the most skilled Italian artists. You could love a tour of the historical buildings of Iquitos. Be sure to visit the Museo Amazonico, constructed in 1863 to admire the many sculptures by Felipe Lettersten, as well as the old photographs from the turn of the 19th century.

Shopping is not good in Iquitos unless you want to buy tropical fruits, natural medicines, or other jungle extracts, in which case it is great. I wish every traveler would take a special tour with a knowledgeable guide to the Belen market in the morning for an unusual shopping experience. In the alleyway known as Pasaje Paquito there is a natural medicine to cure every imaginable illness, and in the lower Belen Market you can buy anything that can be sold.

The Plaza de Armas has a wonderful fountain. We like to buy ice cream cones from across the street and eat them in the cool mist from the fountain. It can be very romantic.

Dawn on the Amazon, Iquitos Peru

Another good place to hang out is the Malecon, also called the boulevard, or river walk, with the best view of the sunrise over the Itaya River. Perhaps we will meet. I live on the third floor of the corner building across the street from the historic chapel and seminary. My office is on the ground floor. Look for the sign that says Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises. Stop in and say hi.

On Saturday and Sunday night the boulevard is the place to be, where people gather to see and be seen. You would love to visit with some of the “characters” from the ex-pat community, drink a cold Iquiteña Extra beer (locally brewed), and watch the action. Clowns on stilts, mimes, slapstick comedians, capoeira, a brass band, street musicians, a dog and monkey show, and beautiful women all compete for your attention. My favorite is the group of capoeiristas that performs the capoeira, an acrobatic martial arts dance, every Saturday at 8 p.m. I have the best seat in the house from my balcony.

You would love going with me in one of the boats for a few hours. The port area is one of the most interesting parts of the city and most travelers never see it. I like to cruise slowly close to shore and watch the tugs and barges, the colectivos, llevo-llevos, lanchas, lanchitas, canoes, and rafts, all so full of people, livestock, fruit, charcoal, and other jungle products they look like they would surely sink. Coming and going, loading and unloading…not many places in the world have more interesting maritime traffic than the Iquitos ports.

The best way to experience the most picturesque area in Iquitos, the Barrio de Belen, is from a boat during the high water season. The houses are built on balsa rafts and float up and down as the water level changes. The floating houses are laid out in streets of water.

This area is known as the Venice of Peru. Everyone has a canoe or llevo-llevo with a peque-peque motor. We like to cruise through slow and easy watching life being lived in a different way. One of my boats was built here so I know the neighborhood very well. This is one of the most interesting places I have ever been and I think you would love it to.

Belen, Venice of the Amazon, Iquitos Peru

A short boat ride away from Iquitos are some of my favorite places, the Amazon Animal Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm, the Momon River, a small winding stream with the jungle close on both sides, a petting zoo where you can wrestle a giant anaconda, the Bora and Yagua indigenous villages, and a good place to watch the pink river dolphins. I think you would love to spend part of a day cruising around the rivers of Iquitos with me.

The best of Iquitos Peru are the people
The most important components of Iquitos, Peru, are the friendly non-violent people. The streets are the safest of any city I have known, and are swept by hand every night so they are usually clean. Violent crime is nearly unheard of, but of course there are plenty of hustlers so please use common sense like always.

The population census shows far more women than men. You have probably never see so many people smiling and laughing, ready to dance, drink, play, and flirt for fun. Every holiday is thoroughly celebrated and there are a lot of parades and parties. Plus we are blessed with eternal summer.

Iquitos, Peru, is known as The City of Love. If you are not in love when you arrive, there is a good chance you will be when you leave…

You Could Love Iquitos Peru

Follow this link to see pictures from the Belen Market and Iquitos set of our photo album.

Bill Grimes,

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1 Anthony Giardenelli August 13, 2007 at 8:59 pm

I think you have nailed it on the head , Iquitos is a wonderful place. I have been living in Peru the past two years stable with three prior years of travelling to the rivers on the outskirts. I never really got to know the center of Iquitos or its nooks well since I have been living and working in Iquitos for the past year. Spells of enchantment are casted umongst those who experience Iquitos. People who travel all over the world for work or leisure find themselves mostly attracted to Iquitos. They may have experienced culture on every continent but have found this Amazon City the perfect place live.

I must say though, for me waking up jungle even on a bad day is 500 times better than waking up on a good day in Iquitos

It felf very strange for me to take residence within the city itself. I was born between the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. I lived in the country, haybails, cows and corn. I commuted to the university and enjoyed every night I heard the bullfrogs drumming and the screech owls whistling.

I get the same sweet feeling when I am laying in one of the many hammocks at my lodge. At any single moment hundreds of species of nocturnal insects are filling the silence while other Orthopterids are calling sporadically.
Meanwhile you may hear several species of grouse-sized Tinamiformes giving sad three noted whistles.

One spectacular night sound is the common potoo (Nyctibius griseus)a member of the nightjar family. This bird, the ayamama as it is called here in la selva sings from dusk to dawn. The call is hard to describe but it has five to eight whistles starting with the loudest and highest pitch tapering down to the lowest and quieti st.
The legend told of this eeire call is the birds are actually a pair of lost children in purgutory calling for their parents.

Strangely enough there is a Amazonian milk treefrog (Phrynohyas resinifrictix) that will always call from a moist hole in a tree. The frogs croak will resonate within and make it very hard to find.
I remember asking about local stories and one elder woman told me that the frog croaking is actually a small boy that wandered from the farm, lost in the jungle he parished but his soul persists calling for his parents.

I guess you could say that these stories were mainly told by natives to their children so they would not wander off.

The majority of the nights just after 7 or 8 you can hear something jumping from aguaje palm to charichuelo fruit trees. It is not just something, they are a troop of owl or night monkeys (Aoutus vociferans). They generally eat the fruits that are in season giving soft owl like hoots to one another. If I am lucky I can get the night vision in time to get a good glimpse of their enormous and curious eyes.
Other times we hear the noise in the trees and it is a pair or a solitary kinkajous (Potus flavus) a member of the racoon family. They are mainly arboreal, with thick dull orange to brown fur and a pointy muzzle.

I feel better already, I find it hard to get used to life here in the city but it will have to do for now. The most I can do is think about where I want to be and keep on working untill I can get some time to get out to my lodge.
If you would like to see some pictures of the frogs or birds you can check out my website go to photos and my picasa account.

This is Anthony signing out on a hot humid Iquitos night.

2 Steven Alexander August 18, 2007 at 10:23 am

Good writeup on Iquitos. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there but I suspect that growth is in terms of new streets, new building, new commerce and new people. Much like Santarem, where I live, downstream on the Amazon. Keep walkin the blog!

3 Bill August 18, 2007 at 11:47 am

Hi Anthony, thank you for the thoughtful comment. I think it shows our readers what I already know, that you are a nice young man, with a good working knowledge of natural history. Night vision goggles are a great tool for knowing the night life in the jungle. I recommend Otorongo Lodge for a group looking for a non-touristy rainforest experience.

Hi Steven, I am delighted to read your comment. We are the flip side of the coin, old gringos willing to share our hard earned experience and love for the natural wonders of the tropical rainforest. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be 27 again? I bet Anthony’s ankles don’t hurt.

I just finished reading for the third time, Henry Bates, Naturalist on the River Amazons, In Search of Evolution. Bates spent three years collecting, and observing the flora and fauna around Santarém. Do you know if he lived, collected and studied in or near your home at Bosque Santa Lucia, Santarém? Is there a monument? Is he considered part of the history of your area? He is one of my heroes…so I was just wondering. Bates would make a good blog post for you…and for me.

If you are interested in tropical bio-diversity I recommend Steven’s blog at; . Unlike this two-bit blog, Steven makes an interesting new post nearly every day. The writing and photography are first rate. He has a brand new book published which I hope to get an autographed copy of, titled, Santarém, Riverboat Town by Steven Alexander. It can be ordered on .

Leave a comment here and then visit the other old gringo’s blog and leave a comment there. We like to get your feedback.

Steven, as one old gringo on the big river to another, thank you sir.

4 David Volkmann August 20, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Damn, your good. That is a great story and presentation. You see the city just like I do. Your tempting me to book an excursion with you even thou I am a legal resident of Iquitos. You didn’t miss anything. You keep writing like this and your going to ruin our secret. Iquitos. The mist from the fountain. That is good. Real good.

5 Mike Collis August 30, 2007 at 6:58 pm

As always Bill a great piece of work. You portray Iquitos as it is, a beautiful, peaceful place so full of charm and wonderful people.

I was wondering if you would mind if I copied it and put it in the Iquitos Times newspaper and on the , website.

Thank You

6 Bill August 31, 2007 at 4:32 pm

Hi Dave, it is Mike that is trying to ruin our little secret, Iquitos Peru. Now he is going to add this article to his very popular Iquitos Times. Thanks Mike it is an honor to be included in your excellent newspaper and web site. I recommend anyone visiting or thinking of visiting our charming jungle, river port city to click the live link .

7 Anthony September 1, 2007 at 11:28 am

Come on, no one is going to ruin Iquitos other than the few, the horrible….. no, this blog is not about assholes, it is about Iquitos….
Iquitos is great, but I love the jungle more….. I seem to go a little Mad here. mabey a little more mad than mad mick himself….
I need to get out. mabey I will leave monday, I need to organize some public work or a Minga as it is called here.
They will make the Masato with 2 sacks of Yucca.. a mingada de arroz…. tuesday the masato will be strong and I will have about 30-50 villagers at my disposal to clean the quebrada. Of course the to men with chainsaws will have to be paid…
After the cleaning, the majority of the logs and sticks are thrown up on the banks to be taken as firewood or to be taken by the rising waters….
Once it is clean, with one strong rain, the water will flush out tons of sand exposing the bottom clay or greda.
Thats when we find petrified wood, pottery bowls or strange rocks and sometimes even a little bit of gold!!
If there is anyone interested in going, let me know throw in for the gas and we are gone!!!!!

and bill….. no my ankles dont hurt but the three herniated disks in my back give me a hell of a time… doctors have diagnosed my back as that of a 50yr old man……
por mientras…..

8 Joe Kuhns January 5, 2008 at 2:51 pm

Richard: My name is Joe Kuhns I am looking for an old friend Richard Fowler? Not sure if this is your sight or not, if so please e mail me at the add. provided.


9 Silvana and Riccardo December 14, 2008 at 11:23 am

My wife and I are currently visiting Iquitos and our stay has been a little disappointing so far. From the locals we hear all the time scary stories about crime, fraud and violence. It feels as if we missed out on many great travel experiences one can probably make in and around Iquitos. We have been told not to take any moto-kars; not to trust the travel agencies; not to talk to anyone in the streets; not to leave the hotel after dark and so on and on and on. I refuse to believe all that and I do think the risks are greatly exaggerated. Still, we would be more than happy to hear your opinion (according to our sources are you THE ONE to ask) on these matters.

Cheers,Silvana and Riccardo

10 Bill December 14, 2008 at 8:35 pm

Hi Riccardo, Hi Silvana, Marmelita and I are traveling in and around Arequipa for a few days, sorry not to answer sooner. Every thing including crime, fraud and violence are relative. Iquitos is the safest city of it’s size I have ever been in. If the locals with the scary stories came from a small remote jungle village where there is no crime, it might seem dangerous compared to their previous life style. A person from Lima, Chicago, Miami, Bogota, and most international metropolitan areas will recognize a difference where school children walk many blocks to school and back without adult supervision, where women walk where they want, and when the want, without the need of male protection, where the rich can go and do what they want without body guards, and where very few people carry guns or knives.

In Iquitos, a violent crime is so unusual that when it does happen it is big news, with lots of gossip, so it is blown out of proportion.

As in all travel destinations, the usual precautions should be taken to prevent pickpockets and petty thieves from having any opportunity to steal your valuables. Drunks and beggars can be a nuisance, and you should be firm that you do not want to be bothered by them. Don’t smile and be nice, be firm.

The motor-kars always seem to be about to have an accident, but compared to driving in Lima or on the bypass around Chicago or Atlanta, or in the snow and ice anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, they are remarkably safe.

I hope you are reassured, and can relax for the rest of your visit in Iquitos, interacting with the wonderful local people, seeing the sights, eating the regional specialties, and enjoy your experience.

I appreciate the recommendation from your “sources”. Thank you.

Bill Grimes

11 Silvana&Riccardo December 16, 2008 at 12:12 am

Having spent a wonderful day in splendid Iquitos, we indeed feel reassured now.

Thank you and “Mad Mike” so much for the eye opener…


12 Tim December 16, 2008 at 11:41 am

We go to school in Arkansas, in the United States, and are working on getting school funding to visit Peru next August. We are definitely planning on stopping in Iquitos when we come, and have read a lot about your lodge. We’re wondering if you could give us a little more information about the town. The purpose of our project is to visit the mountains, the Amazon, and the coast of Peru and examine the unique ways that native populations have adapted their ways of life to suit each habitat. But our main goal in going to Peru is to see the country and have a great time. We have read that there are at least two tribes located in the Iquitos area, do you know anything about them? We are also wondering about the possibility of interviewing you when we come about your experiences in the area. We are really trying to establish some contacts in the country before we arrive in order to draw up a good plan and we really appreciate any help you can give us.
Thanks a lot,
Tim and Matt

13 Bill December 16, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Hi Tim, Hi Matt, I am traveling in Arequipa now. You can read about it on my new blog post, If You Are Traveling to Arequipa, Check This, by clicking on the left side of the header at the top of the page. My internet connection is a little shaky here so let me be brief.

Yes I have friends among the Bora and Yagua Tribes, and go to their villages often. Read all of the posts on my blog to research and learn what you need to know.

If your schedule and my schedule mesh I will be available for an interview when you are in Iquitos.

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment.

Bill Grimes

14 Bryan January 8, 2009 at 5:36 pm

Just been back here in Chicago for 3 days, I participated with a team of 12 people on a medical mission trip down the Amazon from Iquitos/Nina Rumi.
I met many people in the streets and around town. All the people were great and very friendly. Many very lovely ladies was a definate attraction since I am older and have never been married 😉 Traffic in the streets was crazy but cool.I was there as a volunteer and hope I can return soon to spend much more time there. This was my first trip outside of North America and it was a great place to visit and meet people!

15 Bill January 10, 2009 at 6:18 am

Hi Bryan, Thanks for sharing your insights about Iquitos. When you return, stop in and say hi.

Best regards, Bill Grimes

16 AKO April 18, 2009 at 10:58 pm

I lived in Iquitos for a while and as far as the jungle, rivers, scenery, ecology, ect.. it is nice however, there is something missing with the women there. Perhaps it is the lack of culture but they are like lifeless zombies. They seem to have no natural desires of their own, they’re almost catatonic. They are easy to get, so easy in fact that they will go with anyone, be it a young goodlooking physically fit man or some old decrepid geezer in a wheel chair. This was quite disturbing, they show no enthusiasm or personal preference, just go for whomever comes along with 20$ soles (and no i’m not talking about the prostitues either)they all seem to be like this. You want Intelligent conversation? ha! forget it! LOL! I’m not trying to be mean but they are strange there. Most of the “gringos” that like those women are losers that couldn’t get laid anywhere else and they finally found a place (Iquitos) where the girls will actually not reject them. LOL!

17 Captain Bill April 19, 2009 at 9:32 pm

AKO, I should wait until tomorrow to respond to your ignorant comment. Let me just think about this, you have called me a “loser that couldn’t get laid anywhere” and my brilliant woman a “catatonic lifeless zombie”. Painting with a broad brush aren’t you? I can see we are going to get along great. There are approximately 200,000 women in Iquitos and the surrounding suburbs and I have to wonder what makes you such an authority. How long did you live here? Were you with a statistically significant sample of women? What were their average ages, education, and social status? How did you sort them? Are you fluent in Spanish? Would you call your self charming? Is your comment typical of the quality of your conversational skills? I bet you were real popular.

Bill Grimes

18 Jack from Texas April 20, 2009 at 12:03 pm

AKO,yeah, travelling to other countries can be quite different, where girls are actually nice and attracted to people. This can be quite a shock for those who are used to the “ever-so-fair” proverbial american women, who want much, much more from you than just some company and a nice time. It appears from your statement that someone uglier than you took your girl. This is the only reason I can think of for this malicious and ignorant lashing out. Sounds like a first trip out of country. Maybe not, but sounds like it. Very naive. Alot of these girls see gringos that have a little money, are fun, and nice to them as knights in shining armor. I have a wife here in Texas. All of my friends are envious at our great, unique, relationship. Hanging out with my wife and friends gossiping is hilarious and a great time. And the thought of thinking that she would go with anyone with $20.00 is absolutely laughable. If you like women who grade you on your money, looks, age, and weight, please stay home, and shop for your women on myspace and facebook.

19 Steve April 20, 2009 at 12:43 pm

Well AKO you certainly seem to have gone about finding the perfect woman in the perfect way. I wonder just how many guys I know who found the perfect love did it by going to the 3rd world and waving a few notes under the noses of their propective partners. Really deep and lasting relationships will surely result!!
I am also certain many of the intelligent, compasionate and vivacious women of Iquitos will have seen your offer laughed, then decided without prejudice there was more potential with the guy in the wheel chair.
But dont be put off, try again in Iquitos. Iquitenos are the least prejudiced or opinionated of people. So you could really benefit from their company the next time.

Good luck in your search for a Soulmate.

20 Peter Gorman April 20, 2009 at 2:15 pm

Hmmm…How to respond to protect the dignity of some wonderful gals…? I married a girl from Iquitos years ago, and we have three wonderful children. Still together? No. But we still live just about a mile apart and she’s here at dinner–or we’re at her house–several times a week as a rule. No quibbles about where the kids live: They live at both houses. I’m not sure I could have pulled this “best of a broken situation” out with many other women at all.
The zombie like women? Another hmmmm…from me. Do you mean that you don’t speak Spanish and found that conversing with people who don’t speak English left something to be desired in the conversation? I’ll bet it did. Or if you speak Spanish fluently, did you expect that people from the river would be able to keep up on politics in the US or American sports or that they’d even be interested? Not much chance of that.
When I’m visiting another country I always figure it’s my job to learn about that country–for the women of Iquitos that you’re talking about, I imagine that would include learning about the river, about living in the chacras when they were young, about the different kinds of fish and fruits and vegetables that are available, things that interest them. It would also include learning about late night dancing and all day celebrations and extended families and the local healers many use as doctors. And if you get on those wavelengths, the women are wonderful, entertaining, smart as anyone else. But you’ve got to understand that me discussing the latest investigative journalism piece I’m working on–it might be something to do with the Texas jail system, for instance–isn’t going to make anyone’s eyes pop wide open. After all, Texas is just a name to them, and the details of investigating a prison system are pretty dull to anyone not interested in the subject.
You’ve got to try to get them on their ground is the point. I asked my wife to marry me after she helped me to hold off a boatload of pirates for several hours on the Rio Jivari, the border between Peru and Brazil. She was brilliant. But when I got her to New York and brought her to the supermarket she was lost. “Why is all the meat wrapped up in plastic? Why don’t they sell any river fish?” and so forth. It wasn’t that she was not smart, she’d just never seen a western supermarket before–and you’ve got to admit that after Belen, no supermarket will ever be attractive again. (She did once buy a couple of nice Paloma fish for lunch that she found in an Aquarium, and later wondered why they cost $15.00 each…)
Last point, on the easy sex. Yup. Pretty easy. Several reasons: It’s the tropics and people tend to be hot all over the world near the equator. Then too, if a gal likes you in Iquitos she knows you’re not going to be around long enough for a courting period: You’re a tourist after all, and will be gone in a few days.
And then there is this local story: There are three things in Iquitos called Charapas: The big river turtle, the tiny hot yellow pepper, and the girls of Iquitos.
The big river turtle will mate with any male, any time. But if he should ever come back, she’ll kill him.
The hot pepper looks so pretty, but if you eat a whole one the first time out you’ll find it so hot you’ll never go back for a second.
The girls say they’re the same: Hot as a pepper, and often interested in trying things once. So they use you. But god help you if you think that’s an invitation to return.
Hope that clarifies things.

21 Bill April 20, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Well AKO,Sounds like you went shopping for a soulmate in Belen,and are not satisfied with what your S/20.00 netted you.

Looking for a womam in Iquitos,As in most places, Is pretty much like fishing in the river,If all you have is (CUT BAIT)
to offer,You’re not likely to dragup anything better than a Catfish.

I suggest the next time you decide to pay us a visit in Iquitos,Try meeting some nice girls,There are plenty around and only a person who is a complete loser would have problems finding one

22 Cleve Durden April 21, 2009 at 8:45 am

Sr. A.K.O. I understand there are a few homos. in and around Iquitos, so maby you didn’t look hard enough for your kind of hanging around things, so if you are on a tight budget $ 20 might be to much. You silly asshole


23 Alan Sinfield April 21, 2009 at 10:38 am

AKO, sorry pal but in my books you are the loser and I should add also a coward (cannot give your real name huh). I am also one of the gringos that has a wife from Iquitos, she is one of the nicest, warmest and intelligent people I have ever had the privilege to meet in my life. She runs a big house a business with five employees and I trust her more than anyone in the world. You have insulted over 200,000 women with your stupid remarks and many men who are married and truly adore their partners. Remember there is good and bad wherever one goes in this world, but if you are stupid enough to lay with dogs, expect to wake up with fleas. If you are a man, my suggestion is that you apologize to the good people of Iquitos for your hurtful, stupid arrogant comments. If you choose to stand behind your remarks, be big enough to come back to Iquitos and insult me to my face…note real name below. I am well known in Iquitos and easy to find.

24 Gart April 21, 2009 at 10:52 am

Well well! A genuine case of Iquiteñaphobia!

Usually, comments like AKO’s say more about the writer than about the object he’s writing about. Maybe AKO isn’t used to dealing with women who are comfortable with their own bodies and with their sexuality. Maybe AKO is afraid of being nice to women and paying them compliments, because he has been told that it amounts to sexual harrassment and is ground for lawsuits, followed by financial and social ruin.

AKO, people’s attitudes toward you are often a reflection of yourself. So read your own comment again and ask yourself; “What did I do, to turn every woman I meet into a catatonic zombie?” I say; lighten up and give the lovely ladies of Iquitos a chance. Or; give yourself a chance to get to know the Iquiteñas better. Don’t be afraid of them, and you will find that they are funny, witty, smart, sexy and yes, much more open-minded about sexuality and who is or isn’t attractive. No sexism here, no ageism either, nor xenophobia. If a girl accepts a gift or even your tacky 20-soles bill, does that make here a prostitute? Well, that makes you a John, then, doesn’t it?

So now; be a nice boy and apologize to the ladies of Iquitos, to their gringo-husbands, their children, their friends and to the people of Iquitos in general. And then get some therapy.

25 Douglas Thomas April 21, 2009 at 3:08 pm

I am not the sort of person who would ever read blogs and most certainly I have never responded to one. But a friend directed me to this blog and my dear wife and I were so offended I had to say something.

My wife and I met in Iquitos more than 15 years ago, we are very happily married and have 2 sons. What you say about the wonderful women of Iquitos is outragious. I wish I could meet you face to face. My Wife Claudia is loyal, honest, intelligent ( more than me ) and is the most caring person I have ever met. I feel myself to be extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful woman in my life.

AKO there are good and bad people everywhere, You must find the courage to return here and apologise.

Do you say, All irish are stupid ?
All black people are crooks ?
All scots are tight ?
and do you say
ALL moslems are terrorists ?

No of course you dont, so apologise to me and everyone you have offended.

26 Philip Mariposa April 22, 2009 at 12:05 am

What an astounding comment by AKO ! As some others have already pointed out, maybe you are just used to the dreadful pseudo-women that the Western world seems to produce.
Iquitos and its’ people aren’t without their faults, none of us are, but they are among the warmest and friendliest people I’ve ever met. I lived there for just over a year and only left because of ill-health. This was nearly 2 years ago, and my girlfriend is STILL waiting faithfully for my return. And yes i DO KNOW IT for a fact, as I still have friends in Iquitos who keep me posted. Not only is she faithful, she’s also got the heart of a lion – she’s looking after our 2 year old child AND her younger sister AND her niece who has been kicked out by her father. I have far more respect for her than I do for any of the ghastly macho women that pervade the UK and USA. My lovely Liliana left school when she was 14 and lived on a raft for most of her life, she’s never left the Amazon region and has no experience of the wider world, but she’s still more of a woman than anyone I know. A brain-box ? No, but who cares. I’d rather have a woman who knows how to love passionately and how to care for children, than someone who thinks that killing other people’s kids from the safety of 50,000 feet is an act of heroism.
As for the gringos – Iquitos is a real melting pot, of course there are some cranks, but the majority are good people, who aren’t losers at all, YOU’RE the loser AKO, for staying in your idiot country and paying tax to a bunch of criminals. Finally , (and sorry Bill, this isn’t meant to be a swipe at you or your other decent countrymen) but seeing AKO say that Peruvians have “no culture” is somewhat pathetic coming from someone whose country has only been in existence for just over 200 years and whose definition of “culture” is a plastic mouse, food you wouldn’t feed to a dog, and terrorising people who can’t defend themselves !!!
Good luck to you Bill and everyone in beautiful Iquitos, I’ll be back when I can find a way of making a living !
Ooh look, I’m not scared to leave my name!

27 John Lane April 23, 2009 at 1:44 am

AOK AKO? Got the message? Lesson Number One: If at all possible, try thinking before blogging.

28 AKO April 23, 2009 at 10:58 pm

To Bill Grimes:

Hit a nerve did I? You know i’m right, however, I understand that you are trying to run a business here and can’t have someone like me scaring away potential customers with the plain facts. Therefore you decided to gather up your band of gringo losers to defend Iquitos. Who am I? I’m the young goodlooking physically fit man that I talked about in my previous comment.

Who are all of your buddies responding to me? You’re all the old geezers I talked about in my first comment. In fact, most of you are probably the same idiots that hang out at the Yellow rose of Texas (SIDENOTE: To any would be visitors to that restaurant, make sure you wear boots because the shit gets very deep there) and they sit around telling tall tales about this guy being a FBI agent or that guy being a CIA agent, while your wives are all out fucking other men LOL!!! Hell even the local “Kung Fu man” Richard Fowlers old lady f**ks around on him. PS. Richard is the only one in Iquitos that MIGHT have a chance kicking my ass, so to you Alan Sinfield (Internet tough guy) STFU!

Also some of you may have met me before but even if not, i’m sure that if you saw me you would recognize me. I want to also address the STRAWMAN that one of your stated, I didn’t say ALL of Peru had no culture, I said Iquitos women LACK culture and this is a common said fact about Iquitos all over Peru even by Iquitos locals themselves. Even the Iquitos men talk about how worthless the “Loretana” women are. Those bitches have more boyfriends then the men have girls. And again every single gringo who lives there and has a wife she is f**king around on him, that includes all of you! LOL! Most of you are at least 20-30 years older than your women. Yet you are trying to convince any viewers here that those girls are not sluts? Sure! what would any 20 year old girl want with a 60+ year old f**k that can’t even get a hard on?? (That means you guys). LOL!!!

Final note, Bill you know you are judged by the company you keep and I see you have posted a pic of Bill Curtis on your website, that guy is a fucking PEDIPHILE for goodness sake, this is a well known FACT. LOL

29 ANA BOATRIGHT April 24, 2009 at 11:49 am

AKO , Most people around here know me and my husband . I take your comments as personnal insults to me . What gives you the right to dictate what is cultural . This is Iquitos Peru , not USA or EU . This is our culture . If you don’t like our culture , stay out . I have a good Idea ——- Go f**k yourself .

30 Alan Sinfield April 24, 2009 at 11:54 am

There are no facts to your comments on this blog. only stupid bigoted spewed hatred. I think the readers are smart enough to figure that out. The only fact that stands out is that you have not only insulted the people of Iquitos but now have targeted individuals. As with most cowards you are scared to leave your name, so who is the Internet tough guy now? That would be you!!

You venomous little bastard, don’t talk about Richard Fowlers being bad, I know and like this man and I guarantee you one thing: he and everyone else will tell you the same thing…you have messed with the wrong guy by insulting me. Come back and visit I will show you first hand how you have let your mouth overload your ass.

The obvious fact remains that you could not get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of $100 bills. Sleep well at night man; pray you never met me face-to-face

31 Marmelita April 24, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Well, this is for you AOK, or what ever your name is, I can notice that you are not so brave, because I don’t read your real name here, if you are so cultured, so should know that identification is important, begin from that..
I am a woman from this area and was reading your “comments”, and would like to know what the girls from Iquitos did to you?,,, Is not fair to put every one in the same sack, or worse, you are not like a gentleman at all, I am a couple of an “old” man and make me a favor, I would like to have the list of my lovers, because I want to know them. Aah, you talk like Gerald, the Yellow Rose of Texas guy, so you must be like him, your a good student AOK,..

For your information, in every part of the world, there are good and bad people, cultured and ignorant, honest and dishonest, loyal and not loyal, young and old persons but everyone deserve to be treated with respect, even in the jungle they teach us that, so where is your culture, believe me, you are not the most reasonable judge. So you can be good looking but your personality doesn’t look good, look inside of yourself and around your area and you will see there is no culture there to…

32 Anthony Giardenelli April 24, 2009 at 2:43 pm

I did not want to get into this but I cannot allow you (AKO) Insult my wife, her family and the rest of the decent women who live in this country. If the only place you hang around are bars and boulevards–a good majority of those women have the intentions and morals you speak of. I will not deny nor elaborate on other comments made about certain characters that reside in this city.

AKO- whats up with you? why are you ragging on Iquitos? travel a bit more and you will notice these moral standards all over the world.

By the way, I own and operate Otorongo Expeditions for 4 years here in Iquitos with 3 years married to my wife who happens to be two years older than myself. (We are both under 30 yrs old)


33 Mercedes April 24, 2009 at 3:48 pm

Hey fu*ker……. Bastard maybe you are gay and have a psychology problems with womans, why you hate women on Iquitos or you pene can t be boing, stupid bastard, my opinion about you is just one you are chicken and gay and ignorant man you know why ?? Because you come from woman and you mother is woman , so think about this you monster . Look my husband and he mucho bad to you for you insult me and other womans in Iquitos. You possible most hated man ever here

34 Bill April 24, 2009 at 4:52 pm

So AKO,You’re are the “young,goodlooking,physically fit man in your comments?,After how much dope do you become that person??

You might be young(and stupid),Probably not physically,or mentally fit,and certinally a coward.It seems to me that the only major thing you have going for you is your ego,You remind me of a guy I know that hates women(specially prostitutes),because every time they saw his little pecker,they laughed.He could’nt stand rejection(sound familiar?)

Probably the only thing smaller than your little pecker,is your
even smaller brain!

If you were the MAN you say you are,you’d have the balls to tell your name.I have only one comment about the married Iquitos women spreading their “tenderloin” around.I’d much rather share my woman’s tenderloin with a few friends than
sit home by myself having sex with “OLD LADY THUMB,AND HER FOUR DAUGHTERS”,and insulting people that I don’t even know.

35 Philip Mariposa April 24, 2009 at 7:45 pm

I also don’t want to be drawn into this, but you really do need an answer AKO. You’ve insulted some really good men and some wonderful women. My advice to you is to read what Marmalita said, she sums the situation up beautifuly, with the insight and compassion (even though you may not deserve it) that only a real, passionate woman can muster. So why don’t you take all your pathetic macho, tough guy, good-looking verbal diarrhoea and stick into whichever orifice you prefer, then you can sit down in front of the mirror and enjoy your 2 minutes of wonderful sex with the best looking guy in the world.
PS What’s a pedifile ? Is it something you use on your toenails ?

36 Captain Bill April 24, 2009 at 8:45 pm

Ladies, gentlemen, AKO, this was a nice little post celebrating Iquitos. Now look. Can you say those things on a blog, on my blog? Passions run high, mine too. How did we get on this subject, the quality of the culture of the women of Iquitos…turned to sex, oh yeah, ako, good job, you pretty much insulted most of the population of Iquitos, and took the trouble to single me out for some special abuse. I have looked through my photos and besides the photo you want to judge me by, I find a photo of two doctors, a killer, a murderer, a prostitute, a politician, a couple of millionaires, a genius, an author, and people that I don’t even know what they do. I am taking life as I find it and hopefully turning it into an interesting story. I would like to include a photo of you ako. All you have to do is email me from my contact page with your handsome photo attached and I will be happy to post it on my home page. You will be famous.

I realize from your second comment you are from the Yellow Rose of Texas, where you learned your opinions from the big bigot, and came straight to my blog. That is probably just a coincidence? Let’s check and see if the Yellow Rose of Texas is on the list of My Favorite Restaurants of Iquitos Peru There are a lot of good restaurants on that list. Try them and see for yourself.

Bill Grimes

37 Mike April 25, 2009 at 10:24 am

Some may say they don,t understand you, they don’t know why you have said all those horrible things about wonderful people.

I understand you , you have said those terrible things because you are bitter. Probably had a a bad experience with a girl from Iquitos, I’m right am I not ?
I feel sorry for you AKO but try and put it behind you. These venomous attacks on innocent people can only make you feel worse. Whatever caused you to spend so much time on this blog
denouncing some really nice people must have been really bad. Try and get over it, seek some help and look at the world through different eyes not eyes full of hate and bitterness.

38 bowie April 25, 2009 at 10:54 am

Ako you idiot, you know maby? al over the world you have good and bad people but never juge in general,i have a great and honest wife and a handsome litlle girl be carefull what you say about people who also may be your only friend,i see ya soon wenn i’m back.
I expect your appolagy

39 JOHN SMITH April 25, 2009 at 6:48 pm


40 AKO April 25, 2009 at 11:09 pm

To all:

There is nothing I have stated that isn’t already common knowledge in all of the rest of Peru. Iquitos is like the new Thailand, the new – sex tourism spot of Peru. If I am wrong, then why do the people in Lima direct every single male traveler to go to Iquitos because of the ” hot, caliente and easy, facil women” there? That’s probably how most of you losers ended up there. LOL

PS. Not only do the women there lack culture but they can’t even f**k good! LOL! But for you old decrepid geezers that don’t matter know does it? HAHA

To Alan Sinfield, anyone can post a BS name, even if I posted my real name you wouldn’t know who I was anyway stupid ass. You are probably one of those scumbags over there like Jim King who has armed gaurds surrounding him everywhere he goes.

To Bill Grimes, I was talking shit about those fuckers at the Yellow rose of Texas, so how the fuck could I be one of them?

41 Mercedes April 26, 2009 at 12:43 am

To all,
I suggest we closely review AKO’s latest entry.
AKO: There is nothing I have stated that isn’t already common knowledge in all of the rest of Peru.

Response: What was the population of your statistical sample out of 30 million people?

AKO: Iquitos is like the new Thailand, the new – sex tourism spot of Peru.

Response: Unfortunately, there is an obvious sex industry here…this seems to happen not only here but in many other countries where there are poor people. Fortunately, Interpol, FIB and MI5 track these people down, and give them the justice they rightly deserve.

AKO: To Alan Sinfield, anyone can post a BS name, even if I posted my real name you wouldn’t know who I was anyway stupid ass. You are probably one of those scumbags over there like Jim King who has armed gaurds surrounding him everywhere he goes.

Response: Firstly, it is my real name; I am certainly not a “stupid ass” as I have degrees to prove that fact. I do not have armed guards (notice the correct spelling {USE SPELL CHECK}) I do not need them…if you are so well connected with Iquitos, you would already understand that. I told you before…ask someone from here.

All, I am tired of this little piss-ant and his narrow-mindedness. I am having a little trouble actually believing that there is someone in this world as stupid as this person.
My suggestion is this: Lets get back to honoring the peoples, culture, land and sea of the most beautiful place in the world,: Iquitos. Let us remember why this Blog was set-up for in the first place. Let us true freethinking, honest friends continue to enjoy life in an atmosphere that is conducive to our state of affairs. Let us continue to help the wonderful people of Iquitos. All of us do some kind of charitable work to help in way or another. Bigits and women haters have no place on this Blog.

42 Alan Sinfield April 26, 2009 at 9:42 am

All, the above comments were posted by me. i used someone elses computer nd forgot to change that person’s email address

Alan Sinfield

43 AKO April 26, 2009 at 6:19 pm

To all:

Alan Sinfield likes to throw around the word “coward” alot, so lets analyse who the real cowards are, shall we?

Lets see, on this very website is a blog entree entirely dedicated to flinging invectives and deragatory remarks towards the owner of the Yellow Rose of Texas, Gerald. Now rather than all of you pussies bitching and casting perjoratives on this website, why don’t all of you tough guys go talk shit to the man face to face? Hmmm??? He sure doesn’t seem the least bit worried about you assclowns as he walks the street without any fear. LOL! I personally don’t have a problem with the guy, I just think he as well as every other gringo living in Iquitos are losers and blowhards (you guys included).

Also there were two gringos going around terrorising the locals , one was named Terry and the other Jimmy (I don’t recall their last names) I believe that Jimmy owns the place called Hobo hideout (should be called HOMO hideout LOL!) Anyway not one of you spineless f**ks did sh*t about it. The only one who stood up to Terry was Richard Fowler and the last I heard he put Terry in the hospital. Richard is the one all of you fucks run to when the shit hits the fan.

I did have one encounter with Terry when I was there, it was up in the Amazon cafe. I was waiting for my order when he and some goofy, tall, skinny Peruvian guy walked in and sat at a table close to mine. Immediately Terry began harrassing the waitress and making a complete ass out of himself. I turned around and told him to STFU and let the bitch do her job. His face got red as a beet and he murmured something like- “I’m only playing with her, whats wrong with that.” I said, i’m waiting for my food and you are holding up progress. He didn’t say another word. Terry was a punk bitch like all of you spineless losers.

Also I didn’t go to the jungle looking for women like you losers. In fact Peru would be one of the last places I would go looking for women, being that they are ASS ugly! Hell they got faces like the ones you see on a totem pole! LOL! No, I go to places like Colombia, Venezuela, Brasil and Argentina when I am in South America- You know, those beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, high class, independent and intelligent women that you losers could never get. Thus you dolts have relegated yourselves to the region of the jungle where the women come straight out of the thatch huts. LOL! PS. did you have to remove the bone from their nose before the ygave you a bl*wjob? Or did you just let it poke you in the ass? LOL!

44 Philip Mariposa April 27, 2009 at 12:34 am

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen – this is getting rather tiresome. I’m not sure I want to waste any more time and energy (not to mention Bill’s server space !) on this illiterate idiot. He refers to himself using the definite article for f**k’s sake (“I’m THE young goodlooking physically fit man”), that tells us all we need to know about his personality. AKO – go and listen to Shania Twain’s song – “That don’t impress me much”, she was thinking of someone exactly like you when she wrote it (apologies if it was written by someone else – the point’s a rhetorical one). What I find disturbing is that your vitriolic writing and your hatred of women, especially those who don’t fall for your oh-so-obvious charms, are beginning to remind me of Patrick Bateman, the central character in “American Psycho”.
Enough – I don’t need to defend myself or my girlfriend’s tastes to you or anyone else. Of all the men you have offende in Iquitos, none that I know of can be described as a loser. Go and enjoy your life, in whatever way you choose and in whatever location you can find the people who are right for you, and please have the decency to allow the rest of us to do the same.

45 AKO April 27, 2009 at 3:55 am

“I am certainly not a “stupid ass” as I have degrees to prove that fact.”

Not only is Alan an internet tough guy, he is also an internet scholar! LOL

Hey Philip MARIPOSA <– did your boyfriend give you that name. LOL

46 Captain Bill April 27, 2009 at 9:11 am

AKO, we are laughing at you. You really scare me now that I know you backed that big bad Terry down and called the waitress a bitch. That was very brave and cultured of you. LOL, Laugh out loud, LOL, ha, ja, he, je, hi jijijijiji…

Bill Grimes

47 Gart April 27, 2009 at 10:05 am

Hey AKO, there’s something I don’t understand. First you complain that the ladies of Iquitos turn into catatonic zombies as soon as you show your face and that you couldn’t get laid holding a 20-soles bill. And now you claim you go to other places to meet women, because they are “beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, high class, independent and intelligent women”. And you want us to believe that you stand a chance with any of them? What a sad joke you are.

Also, I would like you to explain your homophobic comments regarding the Hobo Hideout and Philip Mariposa’s last name. Because if you can’t come up with a single fact-based reason for your degrading comments, apart from trying to score a cheap shot, then that proves that everything else you wrote here is nothing but baseless, cheap drivel as well.

And finally; yes you ARE a coward for not posting your real name, ESPECIALLY since you think it wouldn’t even make a difference if you did! Tsk tsk tsk…

48 Jack from Texas April 27, 2009 at 10:48 am

AKO: No, I go to places like Colombia, Venezuela, Brasil and Argentina when I am in South America- You know, those beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, high class, independent and intelligent women that you losers could never get.

JCM: THEN GO!! Nobody in Peru wants you here. You have nothing good to say about anything – very cancerous. GO. And What?????? If you want to talk whore mongering, get your facts straight. You are showing your ignorance more and more every time you write. The same situation exists in every country you mentioned, and worse in Brasil. A year or two ago, Miss Latin American was Peruvian. Maybe you can find her and offer her 20 soles and your tight bod, and don’t forget to call her a whore. There are a lot of countries “easier” than Peru. You can start with South East Asia. Maybe you should go there and bash everyone there. But remember – GO.

What’s up with all the foul language, accusaions of people you have never met, the “LOL”s, and the exclamation marks? You write like a 14 year old, not a studious man at all. And hiding behind email portraying a smart, good-looking, strong, man of the world. No-one on this blog thinks you are any of these things. Why is it so important to try and make everyone so mad. Why don’t you just go home to mommy like a good little boy.

Losers? You seem to like this word. 60 year old millionaires, retired, living in the Amazon, with a 30 year old girlfriends, that adore them. I am not sure where the loser part comes in.

Bill, can’t you block people from your blog? I think it is about time to cut off this self proclaimed good looking kid whose perceives everybody in Peru as losers and whores – I think we all know who the loser is here – pathetic

49 AKO April 27, 2009 at 1:31 pm

To all:

I enjoy how you LOSERS (if the shoe fits wear it) are squirming to deny reality. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald is probably at the Yellow Rose of Texas right now. So ill give you guys a few hours to go over there and talk the shit you talk here on this website to his face. Let me know what transpired when you get back.

By not doing so, you will have cemented my point for me that you are all spineless cowards. PS. I will find out if you are lying.

As far as Miss Peru winning the beauty pagent, dude you can find a couple of cute girls anywhere but in Peru it is like finding a diamond in a sea of ugly faces. And why couldn’t those “60 year old millionaires” get their 30 year old girlfriends in their own countries? = losers. No they had to go to the jungle were the girls will latch on to anyone who can get them out of their hellhole life they live in there.

I met a german guy living there named Hienze, he is honest about the people there. He had a nice resaurant in Iquitos and then he made the fatal error of marrying one of the local women. He got screwed royally. His is just one of the common stories over there.

50 Alan Sinfield April 27, 2009 at 4:43 pm

To Jack from Texas,

Well put.

51 AKO April 27, 2009 at 5:21 pm

Hay Alan Sinfield, have you confronted Gerald yet?

No? I didn’t think so. LOL

52 Captain Bill April 27, 2009 at 5:35 pm

Hello Jack, Yes I can block people from commenting. I have only blocked two people so far. One of them was a real live internet terrorist, and the other was Uri. They had to be blocked, no choice. Now we have AKO. I am curious about his motivation. I wonder why he has gone to all this trouble to be so negative? Clearly he thinks he can say almost anything because he is anonymous. What gives him the confidence to make such sweeping generalities about large groups of people, as if there were not individuals of all types in each group? Whether it is “all of the girls of Iquitos”, or “all of the people of Peru”, or “every single gringo who lives there” “already common knowledge in all of the rest of Peru”, “all of you pussies”, “all of you tough guys go talk shit”, “every…gringo living in Iquitos are losers and blowhards”, “like all of you spineless losers”, all, all, every, all, all, every, all, all, all. Almost no one is that stupid, so it sounds like a case of cocaine confidence to me. He doesn’t seem to have anything better to do.

I appreciate when a reader takes the time to leave a comment. Thanks to you Jack, and to all of you, even you AKO, and lots of other people, over 2,290 comments have been posted on the Captain’s Blog. Most of them have contained constructive, positive feedback. Out of that large number it is inevitable there will be a few negative individuals trying to sound more important than they are. Sure I could block him, but anyone reading this string of comments can easily make up their own mind. Of course we will have to wait and see where it goes from here.

Bill Grimes

53 AKO April 27, 2009 at 10:16 pm

Jack from Texas wrote: “You write like a 14 year old”

Then that means most 14 year olds have a broader vocabulary than you do.

54 AKO April 27, 2009 at 10:18 pm

To all:

Did any of you tough guys confront Gerald today?


55 Philip Mariposa April 27, 2009 at 11:27 pm

Well said Bill, and everyone else for that matter. AKO’s “writing” speaks volumes for his (lack of) personality and his psycholgical state. Oh and by the way AKO, I changed my surname because I wanted to, and I had the guts to come to Iquitos and let everyone know my surname was Mariposa. Why ? Because I’m not afraid of anyone else’s opinion and, unlike you, I don’t have any need to prove my masculinity.

56 AKO April 28, 2009 at 2:37 am

Hey Alan Sinfield remember this post you made?

The above comments are true, however i did not write them. Thanks for whomever did write them. The truth is Uri is not allowed to be seen in town when i am in iquitos …..If I see him he will certainly be in trouble. He is scum. a liar, cheat and thief. The problem is that when he steals money from people with good intentions, he steal from the people that really need the money. My wish (at the time) was to operate a bar in iquitos. Not only for selfish reasons…I had invisioned helping to feed the poor kids on the streets…to make something for them. Perhaps even help with medical and shelter. Uri stole this dream from me. I did open a bar on the Boulivard i operated this place for a year…did not make a penny…not a cent…you guessed it…robbed again. this time by a guy named Piero. I am a trusting soul, some might say stupid soul. But i cannot let my hope and love for people be distroyed by the bad few. Again, i had these dreams of helping the locals…but the bar became a black hole, where money would just dissappear. Really, it has been difficult for me to understand how some people will spend more time thinking of ways to rob someone, rather than working towards a better future. So now own an internet cafe, land, casa and other property. To all of you that know me…and i have some people that i concider friends…just be wise. iquitos is a learning experiance…do not give up on the locals, most are good people. I have been out-right robbed many times in iquitos, yet i still go back. I was robbed in the Hotel Dorado in December….unbelievable but true. the opened my safe (in my room) and lifted nearly $3,000…this is true there is a police report to back this up. The manager of the hotel did not even offer me a free cup of coffee jajajajajjaajaj. Be ever on your gaurd in town. I will be back in a few months to my friends expect a wedding invitation (if someone does not steal the cake. Goodluck to all.
Alan Sinfield

Comment by Alan Sinfield — February 19, 2007 @ 12:27 pm

Sounds like you agree with me here. LOL

57 Alan Sinfield April 28, 2009 at 10:08 am

To AKO: Why would I want to confront Gerald? I do not really know the man, we have no issues. Yes, I did write the above, notice I state not to give up on the people of Iquitos. I have learned over time that there is an element of thievery that goes on against gringos in third world counties…this one is no different. It was my fault for trusting unscrupulous people and believing they had the same values as me. I fall to see how my misfortune of being robbed equates to agreeing with your racist woman hating views. Continue to post your nonsensical spewed hatred piss-ant as we are learning more about the coward AKO with every post. I have no doubt that soon your identify will be reviled through your own vanity.

58 Mike Collis April 28, 2009 at 10:42 am

Whats the matter with you ?

What do you think you will get out of slurring innocent people with your offensive remarks ?

Are you sick or something ?

A few weeks ago a young man from Heisldeim in Germany made similar comments
on a blog and then went out and massacred 14 students before killing himself.

Please AKO get yourself sorted.

59 Gart April 28, 2009 at 12:07 pm

AKO is just getting off on all the attention. He’s like a spoiled child that is frustrated because he can’t get what he wants and so he just throws a tantrum to be noticed. And boy, did people notice! Now he’s trying to change the subject to crime, instead of women. Well AKO, Alan is right; thievery is a real problem in this town, and yet we all elect to stay. Violent crime is not a problem here, but it is in all those places you claim you meet all those sophisticated women. So go to Rio, or Bogota or wherever and see if people will put up with your attitude there. I don’t think anyone there will be much impressed. Obviously, nobody in small-town Iquitos is!

60 marina April 28, 2009 at 6:10 pm

hola ako,
perdedor,sobre tus comentarios sobre las mujeres de Iquitos, en mi opinion, parece que hubieras trabajado en un circo, no de payaso, sino como un burro, la verdad ellos son mas inteligente que tu; si hablamos de ignorancia tu te llevas el galardon,¡¡YUPI!! felicitaciones eres el ganador, de todos los CASHACUSHILLOS,si eres tan preparado, entenderas esta palabra, sino busca en tu diccionario. Te condecoro como el REY DE LOS IDIOTAS E IMBECILES ¡¡¡OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH me olvidaba tu ultimo premio y el mejor de todos, tu palabra favorita :ERES UN GRAN PERDEDOR, perdedor, perdedor, hayhayhayh mamamama lLOL,jajajajajajajjjajaaaajaja

61 De Bianca y Piter April 28, 2009 at 9:15 pm

Ya di lectura a los comentarios de ese tal oka con Bill, Ya basta de peleas, …………!!! vienen peleando como si fueran niños con ese…pedasito de escremento de perro……y espero que no vuelva a iquitos, porque le vamos a botar al Rio amazonas para que las pirañas lo deboren… habla mas que pura shit of the women, claro, le duele que seamos mujeres puras, bonitas y muy eroticas, por que seguramente no es bueno en la cama, ni sus dollares nos hace falta, porque nosotras sabemos vivir, somos mujeres guerreras, punto ahi muere!!!! Y todos ustedes deben estar orgullosos…por que las mujeres de iquitos no se encuentra en ninguna parte del mundo. Somos Originales. Sirena la Diva del Amazonas

62 jeff April 29, 2009 at 9:39 am

The woman from Iquitos that I know is beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and an exceptional lover. She is the most kind-hearted woman a man could ever hope to meet. Her name is Marina.

63 AKO April 30, 2009 at 1:49 am

To all:

I see you guys got your women to post for you , being they got more balls than you do. LOL

Let me ask you ladies something, why do so many of you who were lucky enough to latch on to a gringo (even these loser gringos who would be bottomfeeders in the U.S. are far better than the local Peruvian “men”/duds)still cheat on them when they are out of town or go back to USA?????

It makes no logical sense! I mean the gringo takes you out of the thatch hut and puts you in the best house you have ever lived in with everything you could possibly want, yet you will fuck around on him with the local scumbags?

I know MANY guys who have had that happen to them.

Please answer, thanks in advance!


64 marina April 30, 2009 at 9:19 am

hola burro,LOL,respondiendo a tu pregunta,veo que a ti te toco vivir todas esas experiencias en carne propia,por eso es que tu escribes con tanta seguridad respecto a las mujeres de aqui,que penita,seras un hombre arrogante
frustrado y perdedor,

65 Mike Collis April 30, 2009 at 10:30 am

I think I get the pocture now , you are talking with personal experience are’nt you ?
Did your woman cheat on you ?
If she did , have you ever asked yourself why ?
This is the source of your bitterness is’nt it AKO ?

Why don’t you have a go at me asshole ?

66 AKO May 2, 2009 at 8:58 am

“Why don’t you have a go at me asshole ?”

LOL! You are a fat old bastard that can barely walk. One punch in that fat gut of yours and you would be dead.

Mike in any physical altercation I would promptly ground and pound your ass into a bloody pulp.

PS. Have you confronted Gerald yet? NO!

67 Mike Collis May 2, 2009 at 10:47 am

AKO , I confront Mayeaux every single day, cant wait to see him in court next Friday, and watch him squirm.

Now you answer my questions !!

68 Alan Sinfield May 2, 2009 at 11:06 am

To All,
Well I guess Mike hit the nail on the head: this pissant, loser, coward AKO had a bad experience with a woman in Iquitos. Because of this he is a bitter lonely soul. What a shame he cannot look past his own inadequacies and see the beauty of the people in this wonderful city. I think it is time to vote on whether it is worth reading anymore-spewed crap from this mentally screwed-up prick. I suggest all to vote on whether banning AKO from the blog…he is after all becoming a Blog terrorist. Let’s review: He has insulted all the women of Iquitos, the husbands and boyfriends of the women of Iquitos, all the men of Iquitos and many individuals personally…obviously he has no friends here…well at least as far as I can see. He is a waste of space. Come to Iquitos AKO and try punching me in the gut…I am sure that by now you have some information regarding me. I am sure you have been informed that you would not stand a chance in hell of surviving. My vote is to ban the puissant AKO from the Blog and go back to the original reason the Blog was set-up for in the first place.

69 Anthony Giardenelli May 2, 2009 at 11:35 am

Block Him!!!

70 AKO May 2, 2009 at 4:19 pm

“AKO , I confront Mayeaux every single day, cant wait to see him in court next Friday, and watch him squirm.”

I meant confront him to his face and talk the shit you guys talk here not through legal actions.

“Now you answer my questions !!”

The answer to your questions is NO.

71 AKO May 2, 2009 at 4:27 pm

To Alan Sinfield:

The only info I have on you is the picture of you on this website, your sitting down at the la nocha restaurant – your the guy with the pot belly and spaghetti arms. LOL!

Grounding and pounding you into a pulp would be easier than beating a catatonic retard.

You and Mike both need to take your daily Geratol pills and enjoy your last few years on this Earth. Rather than pretending to be tough guys over the internet LOL

72 AKO May 2, 2009 at 4:34 pm

To all:

Let me give you geniuses a hint…

A K O are my initials. mabey that will help you


73 Anthony Giardenelli May 2, 2009 at 7:34 pm

Take a closer look. No pot belly and my arms are certainly not thin…talk is cheap we all know that….by the way genius…the correct spelling is MAYBE not MAYBEY…you seem to make that mistake a lot, I’ve seen it before. It should not take long now!! “Grounding and pounding you into a pulp would be easier than beating a catatonic retard”, please you cowardly pissant…I want you to try…really. Ask your contacts, idiot.
Let’s get the votes in and see if AKO goes or stays…should be fun, who knows he might have some friends out there…LOL

74 AKO May 3, 2009 at 12:24 am

“Comment by Anthony Giardenelli — May 2, 2009 @ 7:34 pm”

How many names do you have? LOL

Are you shaking fron nervousness or are you getting other people to post for you?


75 Alan Sinfield May 3, 2009 at 8:53 am

The last post under the name Anthony Giardenelli was from me: Alan Sinfield, my apologies to all for the confusion. I forgot to change Ants name and email address on the computer. For AKO: I started fighting internationally at the age of 13 and continued for many, many years, fighting people from many countries. Most of my friends (outside of Peru) are also all ex-champions so I don’t shake or get nervous, I enjoy fighting…I am very good at it. This is my last post concerning AKO…I believe my feelings have been made regarding this idiot and his comments of hate.

76 Peter Gorman May 5, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Oh, what the heck. I made a comment about 55 comments ago but am forced to make one here. AKO, you’re a peach, brother. I’m one of the guys been working out of Iquitos since 1984, collecting throw-away stuff for museums, plants, came back with sapo–which set the medical world on fire–and so forth. I married a girl from Iquitos and had the best 5-6 years any man ever had. Yes, she left. So what? I’d take those years over the rest anytime.
And yes, I guess I’m sort of a fat old geezer now, but I’m still the guy who pays the locals better than anyone to work with my occasional tourists or occasional expeditions into the jungle. I’m still one of the few men–white or otherwise–who has never touched a woman who worked with/for me. So I’m a proud gentleman, even if occasionally a bum. But I’m also the guy who busted my great pal Richard Fowler’s face last year, and while I’m older than him, and useless and all that, I’m tempted to just get into the fray with you for the heck of it. What the heck, I’m Irish and love to punch it up. So let’s say you come back any time between June 2 and July 15 and meet me at La Noche and let’s chat. I’ll play the part of the guy defending the honor of women I don’t know; you’ll play whatever you want. And I guess we’ll go from there.
What say?

77 AKO May 6, 2009 at 7:10 am

“I’m also the guy who busted my great pal Richard Fowler’s face last year”

Peter, you’re streching the truth there a bit are you not? I do recall seeing Richard walking around with a black eye, however I was told he was helping a certian individual (appearently you) who had hurt his rib or stomach somehow and Richard touched the sore spot and then you reacted by flinging your fist up and poped him in the face. He understood it was not done on pupose so he let it slide.

Isn’t that what really happened?

I’m going to start wearing boots when I come to this blog, shit gets deep. LOL

78 Philip Mariposa May 6, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Dear oh dear, Last week I though I’d let the women of Iquitos have the last word. I’ve just come back to the blog and seen that not only is the ILLITERATE MORON still active, but he’s becoming even more arrogant and aggressive. Mike – Sorry but I have to disagree with you. What happened is this – AKO came to Iquitos believing that he was going to screw whoever he wanted, he being the world’s most attractive, young fit he-man. Strangely enough, there were no takers, even the prostitutes didn’t want him. And/or all the girls he liked were with older, more mature men. Result ? One bitter little narcisistic, woman-hating prick.
Yes I say BAN HIM CAP’N BILL !!- I don’t want to waste any more time on him. I think a vote on what his initials stand for could be quite good fun though. Here’s a starter – Anal Kinship Only.

79 YWNM May 7, 2009 at 10:37 am

Dont worry about those Ole Farts, Mad Mick, Peter Gorman,Alan Sinfield,Captain Bill or even Mariposa , you are right they are all increpid old geezers who can barely walk.

But me AKO you had better watch out for me , I will not turn you into a bloody pulp, when I’ve finished with you you will be a complete basket case.
Who am I , come back to Iquitos and find out !

80 Alan Sinfield May 8, 2009 at 8:02 am

YWNM another coward who can’t leave his name. Gee…all the Self-proclaimed bad arses want to conceal their identities; you are nothing without a name. You want to have a go at AKO, do so…but not at the expense of others. If you know me (as you think you do)I will be back in Iquitos in a few month…tell me to my face that I am a “increpid old geezer” let’s see how long you last tough guy.

81 AKO May 8, 2009 at 8:06 pm


I simply came here to make a truthful observation and they got all pissy about it for they know I have them all pegged.

“when I’ve finished with you you will be a complete basket case.”

Sorry guy I don’t do the ayahuasca, however i’m sure Alan won’t mind joining you. LOL

82 Philip Mariposa May 8, 2009 at 9:28 pm

To AKO, I’ve been thinking about what you said “I simply came here to make a truthful observation” – I’ve just reread your first comment and it wasn’t exactly a truthful observation, which is a shame, because you may actually have had something useful and intelligent to contribute, instead of which you immediately started insulting people, calling the women of Iquitos ‘zombies’ and labelling all the gringos as ‘losers’. I don’t know most of the men who’ve been replying to you, but the ones I do know are far from being losers. So why did you feel the need to start attacking people ? Even people you don’t know ? You say that we all “got pissy with you”, but who started it ? The fact is that Iquitos is a long way from being the paradise that so many people think it is, but that doesn’t make it a bad place, nor does it make either the local people or the foreigners who’ve made it their home bad people, zombies or losers. Despite its’ many problems it remains a charming place with its’ own unique character and beauty. By and large, the people of Iquitos are warm and friendly. Wherever you travel on this planet you will find ‘good’ and ‘bad’. and you will also encounter women who have every right to chose who they go with and to decline the offer of sex from those who they DON’T want to go with. Women sleeping with men in return for cash is by no means a uniquely Peruvian phenomenon.
I’m not interested in trading any more insults with you. If you wish to leave truthful comments, make sure they ARE truthful and not just disguised hatred.

83 Captain Bill May 10, 2009 at 6:23 am

I like to get comments from you. They are important to me. I read every one, and think about them, and respond to most of them. Sometimes I receive comments from people that just do not like me. Obviously that is alright for folks not to like me. You can think what you will about me. I am not trying to please everyone. Mostly I am trying to please myself, but I like to please you also, and if I please myself, and I please you, good things, even great things can come from our interaction.

Sometimes, like this string of hate filled comments, one of you came here with no intentions of helping anyone or making things better. You came here with tiny little thoughts, and the narrow intention to hurt and destroy people, rather than to improve, create or build. I don’t have time for that. Good bye.

Bill Grimes

84 Yasmin July 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm

Just had a skim at all these posts about an “AKO” dude and Iquitos women and so on and so on. Jeez, a lot has changed since I left in 1998 when there was only one or two cybercafes in the whole city (and the cyber I used to frequent only sprouted up near the end of my stay–before that, I’d write letters or or very occasionally, use the telefonica del peru cabinas!) It really is interesting how the ex-pats have sort of “come together” online through blogging and, from what I’ve read above, gossip-blogging. I’m due to go back to Iquitos in September for the first time in over ten years (I used to live on Tavara 5ta cuadra). I have heard from friends there that “It’s the same as it ever was…but different”. We shall see! I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

85 Jessi_E August 4, 2009 at 1:47 pm

I really enjoyed this blog, thank you for posting it. I visited Iquitos a month ago and stayed at the Hostel Ambassador. Let me just add that while Iquitos is lovely and the people friendly beyond belief…. There are negatives about Iquitos so have common sense when visiting by….
1) Keeping your money in your front pockets (A few of my friends were ripped off during our stay by the little children selling trinkets on the street)
2) Don’t whistle or talk to women dressed in small outfits (they are probably prostitutes, and Iquitos dosen’t need you feeding a business they are trying to eradicate)
3) Making sure that you know that the ‘local tribes’ on the Amazon are friendly towards your race/homeland. (A day after my group went to a village, another group not afflicted with us were murdered a mile upstream. When the police went to investigate they too were killed, so do your homework.)
4) Travel with a buddy or two. There is safety in numbers.

Iquitos is beautiful, and a memory to cherish as long as you are a defensive tourist.

Barter with the locals at the market(I got a hammock down from 80 to 50 soles!)—If you have a bra keep it there & break up your money into small amounts for trinkets!

Always keep your money in your front pockets I cannot stress this enough!!

EAT THE LOCAL FOOD!!! It is amazing! The drink they call coconut was my absolute favorite, and don’t forget to bring home a bottle of Inca Kola.

—Bill don’t let someone with such incompetence as AKO bother you, he obviously doesn’t know the real Iquitos. Your wife is beautiful. I wish you both the very best, and a long prosperous life together.

——-Oh and although the Yellow Rose of Texas is not traditional by any means the people there are amazing, especially the owner. He was so kind to our group when we stayed there. Not to mention his Texas Rose Burger is AMAZINGGGG


86 david sheridan August 29, 2009 at 4:19 pm

Hey Y’all,

SFU here. Gee Bill, I haven’t checked dis here blog in a coon’s age. Took a looky terday and founded out I is a loser.

Anyway my friends. I will be back in Iquitos Sept 6 (week from tomorrow). I am hopefully making some progress on my project.
I know most of the people referred to by AKO or KOA or whoever the jerk is. And it is obvious who has culture and who is without. There are many “Gringoes” in Iquitos that probably have an issue here and there. Unblemished we are not. But I do know there are almost none in the Gringo community of Iquitos that you cannot sit with, enjoy intelligent conversation over a cold beer and be accepted for who you are. What more can one ask. Treat people with respect and fairness, and do not judge by the comments of others. I have friends there. Honest real people. Some are old farts like me. But we are good old farts. I, Bill, Mike and almost all others can sit on the boulevard over a cold beer and know that of the parade of people passing along, none are going to come by that we have to hide our face from. We should all be thankful that the retard AKA doesn’t live there. Rest in Peace Brothers!

87 Trausti January 15, 2010 at 9:57 pm

Glad that this diatribe found an end. I visited Iquitos for the first time in my life in March with my parents from Iceland, and returned in May 2009, with my Danish friend.
I have lived in Lima for the past 9 years, married with the most amazing Peruvian woman, with whom I have 2 children.
This “AKO”…. well, if he happens to live in Lima, I would be happy to knock some shit out of him…. no, I don’t think anyone can knock any SENSE into this crapper. During my time in Iquitos the second time I got to know a few of the local people, one of whom happens to be Gerald from Texas. My time with him was only positive and yields pleasant memories, but I understand that some people do not like direct approaches and straight forward opinions. That… in my opinion, is not his problem, but rather an indication of people’s personal shortcomings. … and then again, how well can I get to know someone after only a single week? In general terms, I loved Iquitos and it’s people. My wife had been there with a friend of hers a few months before I went, and she loved the place. I have been several months in other parts of the jungle over the years, and liked the people, culture, food, traditions etc. I will be back to Iquitos to enjoy life there, and I am sure that some people still remember me over there, and not for being a bastard… but of course I might be wrong on that account (small chance though).

Looking forward to my next visit to Iquitos, knowing that it will be a pleasant time.


88 JIM March 10, 2011 at 1:32 pm




89 thomas mastroianni August 14, 2011 at 12:36 am

I came to Iquitos for an anthropology paper. The people were kinder and more open hearted than anywhere I else I have traveled. It was a paradise where I was spared the aggression and pretentiousness so common in my city. The girls were beautiful. I watched a curandero work true healing miracles, though he would be too humble to describe it as such. Peter Gorman, sorry I misquoted you at the conference. I read your book when it was first released and loved it. Confusing a detail of another book with your work was embarrassing for me. And AKO, CAGE MATCH. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

90 Fred March 29, 2012 at 6:36 pm

I have read through the various posts and wanted to comment. Many have taken offense to AKO’s posts, but there is some validity to what he says. For those that will ask… yes, I have been to to Iquitos, many, many times. I am married to a woman from Iquitos (I met her in Lima, she where she was a student at the university). Iquitos is a provincial city that is far removed from the lifestyle of Lima. The average household income is very low. Overall, the people have less higher education (one must differentiate between education and intelligence). The people are friendly and very easy to approach and converse with. My observation, over many years, is that many live for the weekend where they will dance and drink. Dance and social get-togethers are common and loved by all ages. I find there is little do in Iquitos (aside from the tourist things) other what I have described. Do not expect to have a worldly convesation with the average person. Instead, you can have an enjoyable conversation about many other topics that are known to the people. There is a small, affluent, and worldly population in Iquitos. I will argue that the same demographic exists in the USA. I’m a fit and attractive guy as is my wife. She looks nothing like the indiginous population as her skin is very light and her physical appearance is European (recall Iquitos was populated by many Europeans in the late 19th century as the city was key in the export of rubber). Although she likes to comment on the sexual prowess of her beloved people of the jungle, I find it to be nothing but myth. Perhaps sex seems better because you are in the jungle where it is hot and humid and it becomes a sweaty activity. Under these circumstances mosquitoes are also enjoyabe. The girls do not throw themselves at you. Perhaps those men that claim they do are meeting ‘bricheras’ or are good at trolling. You can find men and women in the USA that do the same. What you have is a population of young women that outnumbers the men by 5 to 1. As a consequence, men have more ‘oportunity’. Sex is rampant and there is little regard for fidelity. The general attitude is that people can do what they want regardless of there matrimonial bonds… this behavior in my opinion is slightly more exagerated in this province than in others, but to be fair, is found (perhaps to a lesser extent) in ALL cultures. I had to resist a neighbor’s maid that was extremely agressive as well as my wife’s own family members… why? probably because I look different than the average population. Most any girl from the jungle would be considered atractive in any other part of the world too, because she is different looking. She whould be exotic… as would a foreigner that goes to the jungle. I expect even a ‘tool’ would not have a hard time meeting someone. This goes both ways… a blonde female going to the jungle will have little problem meeting a local guy.

So to sum up:
The people are less educated not less intelligent.
The people like to party and have fun.
The people watch a lot of tv and always listen to loud music.
The younger people go dancing and drinking on the wekends.
The girls do not throw themselves at you.
The girls are easier to pick up probably because you are a foreigner. I was easly picked up in by my hot former Czech girlfriend when I was in Prague.

I find Iquitos to be very boring after about a week. The climate is not agreeable to me.

The food is wonderful as are the people.

Last comment from my wife… she considers herself to be very atractive and she can never understand why the ‘European’ guys are always led in-tow by an indigenous girl with with very dark skin and indigenous facial features. I always answer, “because although you think she is a ‘common girl’ I think she is very exotic” and I imagine those ‘European’ guys think the same.

91 Bill June 11, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Everything AKO said is 100% true. You could extend what he said to all of Peru also.
I´ll sum it up this way, 3 good things about Peru…
1. The Naturaleza
2. The Food
3. The Ancient ruins
Everything else is shit!

92 7he4uthor November 30, 2012 at 1:20 pm

food is the best i know of in town.
clean good friendly serivice
migres, billy [speaks english]
& saritah …
and the crew very attentive happy people
who work a DOTA.
view is great looking out over the river from apatio type scene
internet access and ventaqlated indoors for bthose sunny hot days
5ome of the girls are quite exquisitely pretty beware the stalkers in the park …
no crime everything in walking distance from DOTA to hotel, clubs,
bank ATMs that give choice of dollars or local currecy ”soles” [no lunas] torrents of rain preceded by a breeze incresing to a nice cool wind then rainging raindrops the size of bricks cleans the whole city
of debris.

93 Dag Walker December 9, 2012 at 12:03 am

I’ve been holding it off as long as possible, but tomorrow morning I will be going to prison in Iquitos, Peru. I doubt I will meet AKO there, but I suspect I will meet many men there like him. Happily for me I will walk away at the end of the day, leaving those men behind to live the hell of their own lives as they are, the best revenge any one who has suffered at their hands can hope for. If you’re a particularly nasty type you might well wish the AKOs of the world a long life, in which case they can spend all the more years stewing in their own bile, becoming ever worse, getting ever further from the simple good of humility. Prisons are full of men who think themselves the whole of the universe. Not my problem. But if it were, I’m up for it. And I should be easy to find. Ask the regulars at Bill’s to point me out. Or don’t. I could live here quietly.

I am here in Iquitos, and it surprises me that I am. I’m surprised to be here because Iquitos is not a place where men like AKO are too common; and such men are my living. I can see in the eyes of those I meet here that I bring with me some ways about me that are not so common here, and that’s why I stay, to be among decent people. I’m used to living among men like AKO, and it shows in me. People here have the good grace to accept me for the most part, and for that I am grateful. It is a pleasure and an honor to be among such people. I know you are good people if only because I see how offended you are by AKO, how unused to him you are, how unable to understand him. You’re lucky. That makes me lucky, too. Lucky and surprised.

Maybe I’m going to stay if the “local girl” will have me.

I’m going to prison soon, and when I’m there I will fit in fine. When I come out I hope to find a chair by the outside corner at Bill’s cafe and there I hope to fit in fine as well.

If I find my life taking me on the road to Damascus, allow me to state that it has been my pleasure to have met at least some of you in Iquitos, a time of peace and happiness.

Death to my enemies,
Dag Walker.
Iquitos, Peru,
Dec. 2012.

94 diver February 26, 2013 at 10:07 pm

I built a house boat in Iquitos in 1989 and the place is not a safe place…
My fiance was born there and was very happy to escape and move to the USA. Daty was sure the drug traffickers were going to kill us as we built the raft to explore the Amazon….

95 Barron May 1, 2013 at 5:52 am

Quite a spirited conversation, personally I would have blocked him just because of the negative attitude.. I will be coming to the area looking for a traditional apartment and a connection with any local volunteer Medical Group in the area ..

96 Diver Dave June 15, 2015 at 8:54 pm

i built a log house boat that was 25′ X 35″ to travel the Amazon river for two months ,from Iquitos , Peru to Brazil back in 1989…. I really enjoyed the two weeks i spent there

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