About Dawn on the Amazon

beginning of the day, my favorite time of day, the best time of day for
fishing, bird watching, nature observation, and photography, seemed a
more appropriate name for the boats and company.

My best early memories are of the Wabash River with my Grandpa Will,
in his home built, wooden jon boat running trot lines. It was not so
much the catching of fish, but rather the fog coming off the river at
dawn, the bank swallows swooping ahead of our boat feeding on
insects, butterflies flitting on the sand bar, blue herons, still as
statues, nature revealing a few of her secrets to a young boy.

My brother and I were raised on a small family farm in west-central
Indiana. My Mom did her best to teach me manners, my Dad set a great
example of hard work. Four years in the Marine Corps enabled me to
glimpse my potential. Sixteen years of marriage and two wonderful
children inspired me to scratch out a living on the farm.

A nice benefit of farming in Indiana is the slack time during freezing
winter. I followed my parents' example and traveled as much as
possible, going to or through 45 states, driving my Volkswagen bug
coast to coast, and from Florida to Minnesota, taking the train to
California twice, and lots of other road trips. We wintered in Florida half
a dozen times, California four times, Hawaii twice, and once in Texas.

After traveling on six continents and lots of countries and islands, I
guess I have had more adventures than most people. Viet Nam,
Chiapas Mexico, some events that happened in Central America, island
hopping the South Pacific, three African safaris, climbing the volcanoes
of Uganda to be with the mountain gorillas, the Congo and Rwanda,
Down Under, and a whole lot more that I could tell you about if we get
to know each other, but I never had any adventures that suit me better
than I am having here in the rainforest of Peru.

I came to Iquitos, Peru, for the first time eight years ago, had a 33 foot
long, thatched-roof, wooden river boat built and bought a used 25
horse Johnson motor, some camping supplies, and fishing gear and left
civilization behind for 5 weeks, exploring, fishing for peacock bass,
visiting remote villages, studying the birds and monkeys, epiphytes and
trees. I became hooked on the Amazon. The next winter I returned to
Iquitos and my boat, and did it again with my fishing buddy Mark. The
next year my friend Doug joined us.

Since then, I have retired from farming and had three other wooden
boats built and 10 dugout canoes. I became a resident of Iquitos, Peru,
and started this business to share experiences with people who might
not have the skills, knowledge, or confidence, but have the desire for a
satisfying adventure and some exotic fun. My company and boats are
registered in Iquitos, Loreto, and Peru. They are insured, taxpaying,
safe, and available for your enjoyment.
Hello, my name is William David Grimes. Please call
me Bill. I am the president and owner of Dawn on the
Amazon Tours and Cruises.

My company and my boats are named after my
daughter. I love my son, Matt, but dawn, the
This is our building on the
boulevard, overlooking the
river, on the corner of the first
block of Nauta, #185
Maldonado. Marmelita and I
live on the top floor. I rent
out three apartments on the
second floor, a corner office
on the ground floor, and the
Dawn on the Amazon Tours
and Cruises office.

This has been our office since
August 2006. Before that our
office was on Brazil St. for a
couple of years. This is a
much better location in the
tourist center. When the
water is high we dock our
boat 200 yards in front of the

We have high speed internet,
4 land line phones, 5 cellular
phones, a fax machine, two  
computers, two printer/scanners, HF and VHF radios to contact the
boats, and maps of all the rivers in the upper Amazon.
Dawn on the Amazon office and staff
Bill Grimes